photo and video

  1. Ricostrong

    Useful Websites for Editor n Background scheme.

    Tried to post in *images,Logos,Vid section but it requares for Jr. VIP smth which im not so i thought if i can post in the lounge section some useful sites (background schmeme editoe tho) Sup duds, heres some websites (All About Photo/Vid, Editor). 1.Photoshop for browser both interface and...
  2. AskAnEngineer

    Adobe stock Trick??

    So i am bit confused to use the photos that i downloaded by following method...:smirk: I visited some paid stock site like adobe for this example. I downloaded it by removing the watermark from a online tool. I want to use it on my blog or YT channel Is it legal? I mean how they find out that i...
  3. Geekfo

    Hi everyone, happy to be a new visual member (I'm the most ignorant newbie here in SEO)

    Hi Everyone, I'm Geekfo and here to learn everything about seo and white/black HAt. I'm an excellent video / Photo grapher but I'm a donkey in SEO If you need any advice about image and instagram quality content (how to outstand from the crowd, let me know) i will do it for free. I just need...
  4. Javier jimi

    How can i get photos, videos free for my channel?

    Help! How can i get photos, videos free to put her on my videos , and upload on my YouTube channel
  5. FootageStop

    Hello this is Footage Stop

    Just joined the forum. I run a website called Footage Stop and will be looking on here for opportunities as well as using the marketplace.
  6. paciek

    Shadowban or not?

    Hello, I have a problem with my Instagram account (@pokesqad). I cannot add any photos to my feed (stories works). I go through the photo adding process, I can see "finalisation" message on my screen and see my photo on my feed for a moment, but after a while it disappears. If I try to like...
  7. D.toot

    Cam girl , insta , Pof etc.

    hi , members , I've been asked by a friend to help her in making some extra money online ... I'm a photographer she models. She is willing to do cam work , infact any work. She has asked me to team up with her... I've read a lot of BHW Chaturbate via pof etc. My thoughts so far are .... 1...
  8. melfornazari

    How can I post photo with video on facebook?

    How can I post on facebook photo with video like this in attach? There is a away to post this in pc and not in mobile?