1. stevepaxton

    Pharma affiliate programs?

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. I've participated in a few pharmacy affiliate programs back in the day of rxpartner and similar enterprises but all the ones I knew are now either offline or unresponsive even after contact, does anyone know of some good active partners (preferably programs that...
  2. farold


    Hello guys, i am reading threads in bhw for some years now and i got some skills from here too. But now i created an account. I am in pharma niche (affiliate) if there is someone here from the same niche than it would be cool to have contact and help eachother. Thanks :D
  3. meganah

    Which PPC networks are good for pharmacy?

    Who works in pharmacy via PPC? And if so, what networks does it use?
  4. T

    Black Hat SEO for Pharmacy website

    Hi, I have created a Pharmacy website on WordPress and done on-page SEO. But I am unable to rank for the targeted keywords in this niche. I have tried searching for these keywords on Google and saw several websites ranking with just a few content. Some of those websites are using doorway pages...
  5. R

    blackhat seo wanted for online meds site

    hello we are looking for someone that can help us with blackhat seo for online meds site , anyone that can help us with traffic please contact me
  6. Bubblegum69

    Reliable pharmacy affiliates in the EU?

    Got 50.000+ EU traffic (de, nl, fr) and looking for a reliable affiliate manager in the pharmacy industry. Looking for long-lasting co-operation. I can only accept pay out in btc. Any of you guys have experiences or anybody urself in the biz? Please reply or PM :)! Thanks ;)!
  7. R

    best pharmacy affiliates ?

    hello we have just launched our new online pharmacy and was wondering were is best place to get best pharmacy affiliates and traffic? we pay good commission , ship from europe and had good product range
  8. D

    WTH] PBN service for health review blog

    Dear all, Am looking for PBN service for my health review site, I need health niche PBN with strong metrics with DA ,PA up to 50 & TF & CF should be above 30. Need only health niche PBN with quality Backlinks. If you could do this pls ping me.
  9. R

    Looking for a good Pay Per Click Traffic Source for Pharmacy

    Hello Everybody I am Looking for a good Pay Per Click Traffic Source for Pharmacy Any suggestions ?
  10. R

    Whats the best PPC Program for RX - Online Pharmacy ?

    Hey Guys We are looking for get traffic for our own online pharmacy Whats the best PPC Program for RX - Online Pharmacy
  11. D

    Where would I sell my health website?

    Hi, folks I have my pharmacy review blog which is 6 months old with good content & super domain, its not earning anything as of now still some SEO need to do, but as I said its review site, i have been affiliated with some pharmacies which are genuine & non controlled meds. Some keywords are...
  12. Buzzika Any Good?

    I have heard a few not so good stories about them, but some people on the internet vouch for them Is InstaBill a good payment processor for high risk sites? Is there anything better out there?
  13. D

    How many IM'ers use reditt for traffic?

    Am newbie into social media traffic, I have got affiliated with pharmacy programs & I heard that we can get decent traffic from reditt by spamming into that? How many of you making $$$$ with reditt?
  14. T

    Pharma Leads Needed

    Fresh pharma leads needed.
  15. D

    bulk e-mail marketing really works for pharmacy website USA?

    guys,am planning to set up new website pharmacy niche, which sell drugs online to USA customers, so here I decided to go with email blasting... will this really work as am newbie,am investing $500 for the site setup & all. pls share your views, suggestions...!
  16. M

    Online Pharmacy Bullletproof Hosting

    Hi All. I am considering an online pharmacy website and would like to know the safest place to host... I want it bulletproof in the sense of it will not get taken down, however I DO NOT need a server I can SPAM from / Use XRUMER - I basically just need a VPS in a country that will not get shut...
  17. A

    looking for new affiliates

    My name is Alex and I am recently affiliate manager at Prowebcash. I am looking for new partners for a long-term partnership, which make active and with enthusiasm SEO, or Media Buying experts, or have high adult traffic. In the online pharmacy business. We have much to offer! With our...
  18. J

    Any Non Prescription Drugs Affiliate Program Available

    Hi People, I am doing a website promoting non prescription drugs where people can buy drugs without prescription. Is there any reliable affiliate programs i can join with to promote the products in my website. Would help a lot if a good affiliate program is suggested. Can join under your...
  19. B

    I can provide pharmacy processing and dropshipping service

    I have Pharmacy processing available (to start now). I just need some basic info to get you started. Payments are done weekly!! after two weeks when you first start. If you are not ready to process RIGHT AWAY then contact when you are ready to start right away. I will need to know volume...
  20. B

    Processing and Drop-Shipping for Pharma Available

    We have Pharmacy processing available at 15%. Payments will be done weekly, after a two week holdup time. Weekly Volume should be: $5,000 (minimum) Charge-backs: Less than 2% Shipping: Within 2 - 3 days with tracking number ( we provide shipping service also super low prices ) Anyone...