1. bitrexF

    Building Big Website in Pharma Niche [You must follow OLD BHW School]

    Lately ive not seen some journeys who will be worth to follow or maybe just seems to me many of the get on dead end. When there was AI hype many people started journeys but somehow stuck. This journey is maybe one of the biggest which I will be recording online on BHW and track results. This is...
  2. Shabzy

    Looking for marketer with experience in restricted niche Pharma SARMS

    Hello guys, I'm looking for a marketer with experience in marketing restricted niches such as pharmaceutical, CBD, kratom. My website is in the SARMs niche. I have a good product, a clean website and a decent presence online. Orders have dried up recently and the only way I can currently...
  3. Starblazer

    What are difficult to rank but highest paying blackhat niches? CBD, pharma, adult, or nutra?

    I know about niches like weight loss and make money online which are difficult to rank but are equally rewarding. But the authority sites eat majority of the first few SERPs making the newbie players difficult to enter the market. I'm not looking for such niches. I see a lot of people spamming...
  4. B

    SEO / Leads for Pharma site

    I have a site that sells HGH, not viagra or other medical or weird stuff. Im ranked in 50 keywords on the first page but still its hard to get to #1, also even if the site is on the first page at #4,5,6 it doesnt get clicks, generate calls or emails. Im willing to find new ways to rank it #1...
  5. Dark. banana

    Need Your opinion if this site is a doorway(parasite site) or a hacked site ?

    Hi everyone checking this site can't understand if it's a doorway (parasite site) or a hacked site ? Here is the keywords used to find this site : "buy generic cialis online" the site in Question : Here is the video what i mean ...
  6. slimslam

    Where to find & sell pharma

    Reasearching where and ifvthere are any sites i can sell legit U.S Pharma(antivirals)..i have high end pharma RX's for me that i would like to help someone in need with...
  7. A

    free steroid/pharma links are taking article submissions not high da but defiantly worth the free links if your in this niche
  8. D

    ️Red Chillies Adult Blog Post Service At $5️(Discount Available)

  9. B

    Looking for affiliates for pharma

    We have an online shop selling kamagra, sildenafil and others. Shipping ONLY to Germany/Austria/Switzerland. Looking for affiliates to promote our shop (Pay per Sale). Payment via Bitcoin (and others if needed) PM me for further information.
  10. hardik9099

    How much time it can take to rank on this competition ?

    am new to SEO(6 months..). means not have experience of ranking on big competition. I need to give time estimation of one project where i need to rank for pharma niche. as per the SERP, showing 90-80DA sites ranking on first page. how long it takes to rank-out them if my website is brand...
  11. andrew.backlink

    Looking for pharma affiliate program? Region: Neutherlands (NL)

    Can someone recommend a Netherlands affiliate program? Niche: Pharma
  12. J

    Just been banned from Stripe for selling pharma.

    A thriving pharma business has just been killed by Stripe/Visa. Have a read of the email Stripe sent me (well, a bit of it anyway)..... Stripe has about $400USD of my money. I'll never see that again. Easy come, easy go. What are the chances of Visa actually trying to fine me? I'm...
  13. X

    Backlinks Niche

    Hello guys, I am searching for backlinks that will rank my website to page 1 of google. I had a website earlier with a mate who had exactly the same niche as that i have now. He bought backlinks for it and it ranked us to page 1 for keywords in the first week medium competition keywords...
  14. djw1606

    I've Clearly Found the Toughest Niche to Buy Links For...

    Just scanning a few services in the Marketplace and they all finish with the same ending, listing the niches that are not acceptable to their service. I'm starting to lose faith in my new website: "Date Porn Stars who need Pay Day Loans to Support their Gambling and Pharmaceutical Habits" and...
  15. T

    Pharma Leads Needed

    Fresh pharma leads needed.
  16. V

    Turkish Market for Pharma

    Hello to all ya pharma marketers out there! I'm thinking about entering the Turkish market for pharma products, did any of you tried it? How it goes there? What are the difficulties, if any? Thank you guys in advance for sharing. You may Skype me directly if it's uncomfortable for you to...
  17. V

    ED Products

    Hi everyone, Any of you working in pharma niche deal with ED products? I'm talking about outside-US traffic of course. Can you please share your experience to which GEO works best for you? Tnx to everyone who has a decent info no the subject :)
  18. V

    Pharma affiliate program

    Hi everyone, Can you please recommend me a decent pharma affiliate program with good weekly payouts? Had a really bad experience lately.
  19. T

    legit prescription pharma and hormones op looking to grow

    Hey guys.... I'm looking to expand from our usual approach to include more internet marketing and creating some funnels. I know Pharma has made a lot of people a lot of money, and I'm sure lurking out there - are some really good pharma experts. I am hoping to connect with one or some of...
  20. R

    Pharmacy list needed

    Hello Everyone, looking to buy list of leads for pharmacy, US leads and western Europe. Not nececary hot fresh leads, more important for big amount. Cheers!
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