1. solononforever

    I'm looking for the contact for mass mailer

    Contact form mass mailer*** I saw it posted here a few times, I can't find it now. Can anyone link me to it?
  2. CraigNewmark

    Free blogs that allow js forwarding

    Does anyone happen to know of a free blogging service tha allows you to implement your own javascript code? All I want to do is have a blog address and forward it to some other stuff.
  3. CraigNewmark

    Computer processor question

    I have used macs for the last 8 years and have not really kept up on processors since the p3/p4/celeron days in pc world. I am going to buy a new desktop so I am curious what type of processors should I be looking for these days? Any help is appreciated.
  4. G

    Niche Horde - Marketing Genius or Black Hat at its Finest?

    Have any of you seen Jonathan Leger's new product Niche Horde? It is a niche keyword product. I love how all of the new internet marketing products produced today include the word "niche" in there title. That is a hint to you IM product developers. Niche equals gold. The funny thing is...
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