1. Dwain Stewart

    What Would YOU Do If This Happened To You?

    Hi Guys, Suppose you are the proud owner of the site showing in the screenshot. It was doing really well and increasing in both earning and traffic every single day! And then boom! You got hit by Google and seeing continues drop in traffic. By deeply looking at the site, what would you do...
  2. shenZi

    G00gle Penalty question

    Hello everybody, for a few month, a got a penalty of a domain. Than i started a similar project and this domain had zero rankings. Than i registered another domain and started it, also pretty bad rankings and zero traffic. Than i thought, that Google has banned the IP of the domains? The...
  3. shenZi

    Got a penalty and g00gle dont want to remove? Any help?

    Hi guys, i had a website with auto-generated-content of amazon. After i got a manual action penalty of google. I deleted all sites with no content and filled the rest with self-written content and submited it to review again. But they have refused. Than i deleted the comparison table which was...
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