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  1. G

    [Buy Cheap Russian Links] - Wraith Power Links

    Looking for cheap links from the big Russian networks, but can't be bothered to translate or have issues topping up? we @ http://www.wraithpowerlinks.com/ do all that for you :) - Check the stats of any link! - Search by homepage links only or ALL links! - Choose the anchor text you will...
  2. The Profit Bird

    ▲ THE NARCOS NETWORK 4 ▲ Niche Relevant Permanent Homepage PBN Links ▲ TF/DA upto 25 ▲ RD upto 60+ ▲

    Reviews and Results from The Narcos Network S1 - https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/the-narcos-network-s2-niche-relevant-permanent-homepage-posts-the-blow-must-go-on.884528/page-13#post-9755461 What everyone has to say about The Narcos Network S2 & S3...
  3. Linkzo

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  4. A

    PBN - 1 site per PBN or not?

    Hello All, My question is: Do you link to 3-4 money sites, from the same site of the PBN or you just link to 1 money site from 1 site of yout PBN? For example let's say you have blog1 blog2 blog3 that are your PBN (no footprints, links each other,etc). Money1, money2,money3 are your money...
  5. L33T

    The Authority Factory - Premium Blog Network Creation - Huge Discount Available

  6. hardcorebiker


    We are Proud To Complete 4 Years on BHW Having Ranked 1000s of Clients ***Get 30% OFF on 15 Posts*** ***Get 50% OFF on 30 and 50 Posts*** Coupon Code: ELITEOFF FAQs How many URLs and Keywords can I use? You can only use 1 domain per order but you can use multiple URLs from the same domain...
  7. Coulro

    How do people make money selling PBN links?

    If a PBN link seller has monthly and yearly expenses to maintain the site and can only provide a limited number of links per PBN, how do they make a profit charging their clients a one time fee per link/post?
  8. SEO INC

    What You Like - PBN Links with Spun or Unique Content ?

    I own a 150 domain PBN network which I used to rank my sites and client websites. It is a quality network and have been ranking any sites that links have been posted for. I wouldn't mind releasing it to my BHW friends and would not cost much. However, I need a suggestion from all my friends...
  9. R

    Looking to Buy PBN Links

    Hi BHW, I am looking to purchase some PBN Links related to Dating Niche. let me know if any
  10. BloggerTonmoy

    How to check out other PBN links

    Hello guys, I really wanted to know about a thing, as well I'm not good in PBN. So, as I know, PBN links can be hide from Search Engine or something like this. I really don't know. So, here are few questions: 1. If the links hide then how this is beneficial ? 2. When you are doing Keyword...
  11. Dejawu

    Copywriting with article submission needed

    Hy everyone, I'm looking for copywriters with pbn's in ee, lv, fi, pl, by . Niche: entertainment/technology. Best regards!
  12. Array Experts

    Free Guest Posting (PBN PR4 DA37 PA45)

    Hi! Guys. Are You Looking For Free Guest Posting. Don't Worry Now I Have A Domain With Good Metrics (PR4 DA37 PA45 MozRank4.53). I Will Post Your Article On My Domain With Your Link. Free Offer Only For BHW Members. Term & Condition Article Should Be Unique 100% Copyscape Don't Forget To...
  13. Moobs

    PBN's - Does All Link Juice Travel Upstream?

    I'm mapping out my first PBN and I was wondering where and how to best utilize a program like GSA. Initial Network Layout: My Money Site Tier 1 - 6-10 40+ DA sites all pointing to $ site Tier 2 - 2-3 web 2.0's pointing to a single Tier 1 site and one other tier 2 site (roughly 30 sites) Tier...
  14. Moobs

    PBN's - Tiered Keyword Links & Comments?

    I'm new to PBN's, and I have two different fundamental questions. 1) Should I use niche specific keywords to link to my tier 1 & 2 sites? 2) What's the best method for utilizing blog comments within the PBN?
  15. Titans

    【The Aegaeon PBN】Never Let Your Competitors Up ► High DA and TF Links► At Just $1.5