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  1. hardcorebiker

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  2. andreaklarin

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  3. S

    Quality PBN Services on BHW?

    Hi, I am looking to buy some niche relevant quality PBN links. I checked out the marketplace but there are just a lot of services available. Can someone recommend me a good quality tested PBN service?
  4. mzonas

    Hyperion Links II - PBN links from $1.35/link

    Hi all, It's me again. A few years ago there was Hyperion Links service which sold like a hot cake. It is time to upgrade this service! The PBN: Different IPs (A, B and C class) TF15+ (some may have lower but majority of blogs have TF20+) Custom logos with "about us" pages, contact forms, etc...
  5. politico

    How to REALLY Rank Using PBN Links in 2019

    Wussup BHW, I want to share how I use PBN links in 2019 to ACTUALLY rank my site(s) #1 in Google. (btw, this is long-ish. So there's a TL/DR at the bottom) Disclaimer: This post is just one person's opinion. There are definitely other ways to rank and make things work. So don't take this...
  6. andreaklarin

    eBuzzAlly Presents ♠ Casino/Gambling and Dating PBN Network ♣ Avg 35+ DA and PA | Low OBL | 50% OFF

  7. Titans

    [SERPBOOSTER] The Ultimate Ranking Machine | High DA & TF up to 30+ |Unique Articles| Up to 40% OFF

  8. StrixMedia


    Hi Guys, I am looking for 10 reviews to my backlink service, Thread Link: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/white-knight-seo-spam-free-linkslow-oblhigh-da-and-tffast-indexinghandwritten-articles.755386/ What you will get exactly from our service: 1 Spam Free Post DA Avg of 20+ and TF avg of...
  9. mzonas

    Tartarus II PBN - general PBN is back - are you ready to dominate?

    Hi all, Tartarus PBN is back with new and powerful domains. Network highlights: TF10-30 Unique themes Custom logos Custom pages Spiders blocked (such as Majestic, Moz, etc ...) Unique and original content only 45 blogs in the network and growing Different IPs Custom DNs Privately registered...
  10. iAuthority

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  11. Muhammad Shoaib

    Hi BHW Thanks!

    Am very happy to join this great forum today. Lets introduce myself 1st :) Hi, I'm Muhammad Shuaib. I have over 6 years of experience in seo and link building.
  12. Seoservices004

    First Time Ever 50% Discount For Authority Link Building Version[2] Include 50+ Link Building Source

    First Time Ever 50% Discount For Authority Link Building Version[2] Include 50+ Link Building Resources★From PBN To Social Signal Everything Included "As a member of BHW, you Will receive a 10% discount To Power Package, 20% Discount To Double Power Package , 30% Massive Discount to Mega...
  13. steveseos

    Amazing steveseos PBNs Links High Authority DOMAINS - Avg DA/PA 38/42 Avg TF/CF 17/37 AVG LD 900+

  14. Lego

    [LEGO Premium PBN] Super Powerful Domains ★ 100+ RD ★ Homepage Posts ★ Handwritten Content ★ 20% OFF

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  15. O


    is it OK to link from a PBN to sites that are :- different registrar different registration date different hosts different registration email address (or whois privacy) different registration details (name & address etc) but are linked to from GMB listings that are under the same account...
  16. mzonas

    Adult PBN II - escort, softcore and hardcore porn sites accepted!

    Hi all, I am back with another adult PBN for your escort, softcore and hardcore porn sites. As you know, I am a man of a few words, at least I don't bullshit people so let's get straight to the point. At the moment I can offer 2 packages: Pacakge A - 5 posts - $57 Pacakge B - 10 posts - $97...
  17. Bishal Bhandari

    Is adult niche backlink for adult niche webiste?

    I am trying to rank one of my adult niche webiste (not porn) but contains works like penis, fuck, sex, vagina etc but doesn't contains any bad images or videos. And I got PBN set up with same type of domains so will it be bad if I get backlinks from these domains or is it ok as they are similar ?
  18. PbnGeek

    PbnGeek's Soul Links: Google Authority stacking + Diversity + PBN links with High indexing rate

    How desperately do you want to rank your site? If your response is anything that’s close to “VERY DESPERATE”, then you’ll likely end up doing more harm than good. And I say that as someone who has seen people, in the flesh, lose their entire business overnight because of one measly Google...
  19. hardik9099

    6 months old site. buying PBN links. whats your advice.

    no budget for building PBN. entertainment niche. + adsense site is 6 months old. some basic link building done like profile creation, web 2.0 and 2 guest posts. it is difficult to get guest posts as the site is like general downloading site. site DA: 16 was getting good traffic last...
  20. El Magico

    I don't want to build a PBN

    I have 2 sites and I don't want to build a PBN, it seems expensive and very time consuming, I am targeting low search volume keywords. So far I have used web 2.0s (recently) only and not sure if I notice a big effect, I am targeting low search volume under 300 keywords, with good on page SEO I...