pbn 2021

  1. skotykoty

    NEED PBN Premium Quality PBN backlinks | DA UPTO 60 | MANUALLY LOW OUTBOUND

  2. robin222

    Avoid changing the PBN anchor text, but can the URL be changed?

    As shown in the title. If I keep the PBN anchor text keywords unchanged, and only revise the URL pointing to the money website, is it okay? Is it safe? Or I need to delete the link and republish a new article.
  3. robin222

    About keyword ranking

    Suppose I point all 40 PBN links to the homepage of a niche website, and most of the anchor texts of PBN links are mainly brand words and naked URLs, thus strengthening the authority of the website. At the same time, for the keywords I want to rank for, I write at least 1500 words of content...
  4. virtualexperts

    Looking for Digital Marketing/Amazon FBA related Niche PBN

    Hello BHW Friends! I am looking for someone who has access to a Digital Marketing/Amazon FBA related website. As we provide amazon related services so we would like to have PBN links from their sites and it must do-follow. Moreover, if someone has SEO expertise let us know. Thanks in advance.
  5. robin222

    About PBN index problem

    I have question about PBN: If my PBN post is not indexed, but the full content of the post is displayed on the homepage. I saw the PBN website in GSC. In addition, when my Dite:Domain.com "keywords in the post", the link shows that the index is normal at GOOGLE. So it means that even though the...
  6. robin222

    Hide pbn anchor's URL method?

    For some PBN services I purchased, through GSC, I found that the anchor text on some PBN articles is not clickable. The PBN administrator hides the URL of the anchor text, and general users cannot know that this is a PBN link. I think this is very helpful for maintaining the security of the PBN...
  7. D

    Few questions about PBN ?

    Hello guys , im willing to build a new private PBN but I have few questions about the mechanism First of all I need to know if I'm using the same IP subnet for multiple domains will it affect the PBN ? I'm planning to have like 500 domain and I thought I can host them at 10 vps for example and...
  8. robin222

    Is it really good to build PBN by myself?

    I have a website where most of the target keywords are located on the first 5 pages of Google. I have purchased quite a few PBNs, but they have not achieved the expected results. I would like to ask if you want to achieve real success, is it best to build your own PBN network? Can you see...
  9. robin222

    Can the expired domain names on gen.xyz be used as PBN?

    I got an expired domain name .uk.com from gent.xyz. Its indicators are not bad and there are some high-quality return links. But I read Diggity's test article on PBN. It is not recommended to use expired domain names as PBN from niche domain name service providers. This will become a toxic link...
  10. robin222

    How does PBN site block the access and crawling of SEO tools such as ahrefs, moz, semrush, etc

    As shown in the title. Do I need to modify the robot.txt file for the PBN website developed based on wordpress? If so, how to modify the robot.txt file? thanks
  11. robin222

    Can the PBN website use the free templates provided by the Wordpress backend?

    If I build my own PBN network, based on Wordpress development. So can I use the free templates provided by the wordpress backend to development a pbn website? Some people suggest not to use the free template of WP backend, otherwise it is easy to be judged by Google as a PBN website.
  12. digitalgeckos


    Hello! I can show a random website to check if you like it. No inflated backlinks, no new ones build, just the old ones from that specific Monthly cost: 90 USD, all set, one-time payment. Hosted on different UK&US based hosting platforms Register via different websites as Godaddy, Dynadot...
  13. arnie123

    Do PBN services offered in this forum still work in 2021?

    Is it worthy nowadays to buy something like 10-15 blog posts on a PBN for less than 200 bucks like many of the services offer in this forum? What impact should I expect if I point those links to a blog website with DA 9? What are the odds to get caught and penalized by penguin? Website...
  14. D

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  15. vezoneseo

    2k21 Powerful PBN links Quality Content | Build and Boost Your Private Blog Network With Our Service

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