pbn 2020

  1. Shox99

    SEO - Build privat site Network with only money sites - PBN

    I am working for 6 months active on my SEO with good results and rankings. I just focused to get high-quality links from sites in my niche with traffic and rankings, so I invest in just 2 - 3 links per month but these links are very cost-intensive and high quality. Now I want to build my own...
  2. tar729

    Google Traffic amplifier technology

    Friends, I finally translated this powerful traffic amplifier technology for you
  3. Social Sparrow

    [Sparrow’s Soaring SERP Links] DA/DR 15+ ❇️ RD 50+ ❇️ PBN Links From Digital Journal ❇️ BuzzFeed ❇️ Wikipedia ❇️Ya...

  4. HenryObi

    What Is The Largest PBN You've Ever Worked With, Built, Owned Or Seen?

    After seeing this thread, this instantly came to my mind. What is the largest PBN you've ever built, for yourself or a client? Or you've ever heard of. Is it even feasible to own, maintain and manage effectively a 1000 domain PBN? This question is for the pros in the PBN game
  5. robin222

    Prepare my own PBN network

    I want to prepare my own PBN network recently, but I have no experience in building my own PBN network. Is there a complete tutorial or method? Are there any details or points? Thanks
  6. DomBrave


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  7. J

    How many links from a aged web 2.0 can i make?

    I have an aged web 2.0 that has decent DA and PA. I have more than 6 100% original content and I have used 2 posts to link to my main site. I want to use this Web 2.0 in future as it is really helped me rank for low competition keyword. I am also linking to other sites in my niche that are not...
  8. SERP Buster

    Anyone here can guide me on "How to use PBN links without getting penalized."

    Looking for an advice on how yo use the pbn links with in backlink strategy for better ranking without getting caught by google. Please help!
  9. S

    Are PBNs still valid and a good long term low cost strategy?

    Dear BHW Members, First of all sorry, if this is not the right forum to raise this question. Please accept my apologies beforehand as I didn't find any forum to seek advice. I am new to BHW, though I have been working on SEO stuff for a while as a side hustle during the last couple of years...
  10. C

    How to use vpn with scrapbox

    Hey guys so I don't have a proxy but I have a VPN. How do I use the VPN to scrape using scrapebox. I don't see where to add my vpn like the proxy section does. Do I should activate my vpn and that's all ? If there are ways of going about it please share Any help thanks
  11. GTRZ

    List of PBN Footprints to Avoid

    Open for Discussion. Let us know your suggestions and add things that you consider, any pbn builder must avoid. Also, make sure to download the PBN Cheat List Duplicate SOA Records Crawlers and Spiders Blocked on All Sites Too Much Unrelated Content Too Many CDN Hosts No CDN Hosts Poor Site...
  12. Ollez

    Doesn't a PBN Homepage link leave an obvious footprint to Google?

    A homepage link to your money site(s) are one of the benefits of owning your own PBNs. But I'm interested how you guys (who own PBNs) include a homepage links to your money site without it being an obvious footprint to Google? Also how do you incorporate the link into the content? I'm...
  13. B

    Alright, let's talk PBN links | How to build | How to sell | How to not get caught

    Disclaimer: Any sites or users mentioned in this thread, I have no affiliation with other than my sites. (If staff feels like any content is promotional, feel free to remove the content.) Foreground: I have been in the SEO game for about 6 years and have been involved with building and selling...
  14. manas23

    PBN Links/PBN Network on a Budget

    Before you say PBN Network is always better, ROI is the biggest challenge to people with budget. I have been trying to get the #1 rank from my competitors in a very spammed niches full of spammed anchor texts. The #1 competitor of mine gets link juice from these websites, I do not know how they...
  15. D

    PBN Still Works On 2020

    I got a little confused on PBN method 2020, i have seen a lot of my competitor PBN it's not having outbound link to their money site. Different with my method for updating article everyday and make a backlink to my moneysite. Which one the best method for 2020 Google Algorithm ? I know maybe...
  16. Social Cookie

    Building PBN sites with Elementor PRO

    I was wondering if anyone has ever tried building PBN sites with Elementor PRO. More specifically, would Google be able to detect that a bunch of sites in your PBN have been created with the same elementor PRO account? Is this a bad idea?
  17. RealDaddy

    ★ [Video Guide] Beginner's Guide to PBN ★

    Hi BHW, I have been following Lion Zeal from 2018 And he seems to be a legit guy. Here is a video tutorial series for building your own PBN - I hope it helps some of you guys. Thanks & Best Regards, Aman, aka @Dwivedi 98
  18. SirLouen

    [Micro Guide] Some PBN link building Foundations

    Generally, it's better to understand all the theory craft behind an action than just going for the action mindlessly. A question that I've read frequently in this forum generally regards the fear of going for the PBN purchase or not (that makes sense, especially in a forum with so many PBN...
  19. milk_and_cake


    Hola BHW community! As I have been participating and contributing to the community before (#Newbie Apprentice Guide), I felt obligated to share my ideas again. Besides on-going and upcoming BST thread, I really do enjoy helping around at forum and contributing for that matter. In this simple...
  20. sanjananb

    What are the chances of getting PBN de-indexed?

    What are the chances of getting PBN de-indexed by google even after hide all the foot prints into your PBN and done everything right? How many of you have experienced of PBN de-indexation by google?