paypal problem

  1. 0xPikolo

    Paypal chargeback fee while the case is still under review !!!

    Hi, i am a shopify dropshipper .... i got a Paypal chargeback yesterday (Unauthorized transaction) a and i responded at the same time and provided the USPS tracking number(package is delivered) and all evidence ... but today i got 10,00 USD‬ chargeback fee for the same chargeback while the case...
  2. Mazen Hlel

    PAYPAL Problem Preapproved Payment ?

    Hi BHW Guys I have a problem!! I have new acc candadian Paypal and in my acc more than +500$ and I wanna promote facebook ads post . the problem is when I wanna add Paypal method payment its doen't work thy tell me this message : " We're sorry, we weren't able to set up preapproved payment...
  3. MartonB

    Every blackhatworld should see this thread and give some help!

    Hello guys, I have two Paypal accounts 1 is mine has all my real info 2 credit cards verified associated with the account The second account is my created under my mom's info but has no bank or credit card associated. I linked my mom's PayPal with the Streamlabs platform so I get my Tips from...

    Paypal Problem Pals

    Hello everyone again. Respected memebers of bhw. Please tell me similar merchant companies like paypal, not complicated, easy to use and easy to create an account and can receive payments from u.s.
  5. Syed Zahin

    How to solve that paypal issue?

    Hello all, i have created US business paypal and after few weeks that account had been limited and asking several verification. already confirm with US bank now also need USA ID and i decided i will buy fake US id. my question is anyone is here who are solved paypal with fake documents? is fake...
  6. Y


    Hello guys so i was using the snapchat adult method and using paypal to receive money the problem is i created the paypal with fake names and usa adress and number and never save them i had a problem with sending money today so i basically contacted the support but the problem was still on so i...
  7. Nikhil Roy

    How can I withdraw my Paypal money after 180 days. Please help

    Hello all, Recently my PayPal limitation has been 180 days past and PayPal send me email for withdraw my money. But I can't withdraw it anyhow, I want to transfer this money in my other PayPal account. Please help me anyone, how can I do that? If any suggestion please give me.
  8. Luksa998

    Problem with paypal, help

    I linked my first choice pay credit card to my paypal, and now when i try to withdraw funds on card paypale message me to add a bank account. How i can to fix this ? I want to withdraw funds to my card Also i find this:
  9. Ly00168

    Need Help about creating Paypal Account

    Hi, all members in BHW. I attempted to have Paypal account as a payment gateway in Shopify store. I created an account at Paypal and linked it on my Shopify store already. But later I found out that Paypal is not available in my country yet. My account can only be used to purchase stuff online...
  10. deepdigger

    Paypal require photo id please anybody help me with oman id

    hello people, my paypal country is OMAN i got a problem with my paypal. last night i got suspicious activity and i have not that number i register with. it want photo id such as driving license/passport/military ids. i have 58$ on it. please anybody help me with how to provied fake paypal id...
  11. G

    Paypal Took $20 FEE From Me For A Dispute ! Is this normal ?

    Hello, Some time ago (1 month aprox) i started selling some SEO PACKAGES with backlinks (web 2 + blog comments) . Had a nice success but I also had 2 Paypal Disputes (even tough I delivered exactly whats described in the packages + report + in time Ready Order ). The disputes were made as...
  12. Lovalt09


    I actually need to resolve my PayPal account problem, I need fake proof of UAE Address to resolve it . Pls add me on Skype if you can do it Valentina90076
  13. Munni

    Asking review....

    I am asking for delawareinc dot com review. If some one use there service please give me there review, or if there any other alternative (better then delawareinc) please tell me. Some one suggest me for my paypal (asked Tax Info) problem, and told me "not only paypal you can open legal bank...
  14. Twanofzo

    Problem with PayPal + Visa Prepaid Card (Vanille)

    So as I said in a previous topic, I wanted to buy Followliker but I had some problems. I couldn't pay because it gave me an error at the checkout. I now know how and why. Let me explain the story: I connected my Visa prepaid card to PayPal (Bought the card in the US, I'm Dutch so I connected...
  15. tuhinparvez

    Paypal Verification Issue Using Forwarded Phone Number

    Hi, Is it possible to verify Paypal using a virtual phone number? My country doesn't support Paypal. So I opened a Paypal account using a Thai address. Now Paypal asked me to verify my phone number. Please help me out. Thanks
  16. C

    paypal problem - need expert

    Hi, I've a problem with my paypal account. I tried to send money from my paypal account to freelancer today and selected paypal express but although i login at the first time i could not pay it. Then i tried several times and could not login through freelancer paypal express. Now i...
  17. P

    paypal problem for me any one help me

    hi friends, I have a problem which is making me no sleep after a long time of my struggles i earned 450$ in paypal after loss of many thousand dollars. the baddest part is that i never changed the paypal password .buit after when i recieved money when i tried to log in i found that i am...
  18. FireTheWild

    Another PayPal problem

    Hi, it is great pleasure for me reading this forum. All guys here are so helpful and that is why I hope u can help me. I have a negative balance on Paypal. The sum is XXX $, my account is limited and I want to resolve my negative balance as soon as possible and as secure as possible. I am not...