paypal debit card

  1. J

    Make easy $$$ if you are in US and have paypal debit card

    Hi all. I need someone who lives in US and has paypal debit card with unlimited paypal account. I do some business and need someone to help, because I do not live in US and can't have paypal debit card. You will easily make several hundreds of dollars every month. PM me if interested or hit me...
  2. B

    Workaround for Indian Paypal Accounts

    Hi !! This is a quest to find a suitable workaround for Indian paypal accounts which will soon have major restrictions placed on them beginning 1st March. One of the threads I visited spoke of opening a US Bank account and a US paypal account to accept payments larger than USD 500 and then...
  3. mystery

    URGENT Help Needed! About Paypal Shopping Cart...

    I've got two questions about paypal's shopping cart (buy now button): 1- If buyers don't have a paypal account, and they want to pay via cc, are they required to CREATE A NEW paypal account first? Or can they just pay via cc without the need to create a new paypal account? Basically, does...
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