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    Can we trust a person and pay him for developing a bot in BHW

    I am seeing lot of people say that they can develop a bot but they were asking some money in order to start and remaining after finishing.How can i be safe while i pay them some money .If he cannot deliver it after i pay him some money I am in loss.How can we mutually come to an understanding of...
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    A way around scammers with Western Union?????

    Hi. I put a lot of thought into this and really, I can't see many fall-outs. Therefore I want to post this idea here so I can get other peoples opinions. Maybe there are other points that I am not considering. Ok so say you are buying something from a supplier in China. They insist on payment...
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    CASH IN offering FREE Unemployment Payment Protection in this EcOnOMy

    I'm looking for a small group Serious Partners who can realize the Value in offering FREE Unemployment Payment Protection and want to Make >>BIG MONEY<< on it. I'm not selling anything here. I will be selling the same opportunity (that you can get in on here for FREE) in the near future, for...
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