payment gateway

  1. B

    What is this Payment gateway ?

    Hello, can anyone here identify this payment processor? I tried to look inside the code of the site but I can't find anything. o_O or it's a fake payment processor ?
  2. MikeGFX is legit

    Since aurpay support WooCommerce and accept BTC as well as other coins and more I decided to give it a try. Now when I try to payout to my wallet they are asking me to that safe to do are they legit? I don't find lot of records on that...
  3. Alis_

    High-Risk Payment Gateway for Social Media Likes, Follows, etc.

    Hi, I'm looking for a payment gateway that will accept high risk niche like: Social Media - Likes, Follows, Subscribes, etc. (Instagram, FB, YT) 4G/5G proxies I already looked at: Peerwallet: It's a bit complicated for a regular user, payment isn't straightforward, don't want to use this one...
  4. daeseo

    Payment Processor/Gateway that allows to host own checkout page?

    Hi, I'm searching for a trustworthy Payment Processor/Gateway which allows hosting of own/customized checkout page instead of redirecting to their site. Additionally, it needs to support trials turning into subscriptions. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  5. S

    Need A Payment Gateway That Can Avoid FRAUDULENT Disputes

    I own a Shopify which specialises in digital eBooks, these often get people submitting chargebacks to try and get the product for free. I've actually ended up being banned from the platform, on top of paying $500+ in chargeback fees and am beyond p*ssed with the platform. I've been searching...
  6. M

    Website cloaking regarding Stripe

    Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing good. I am looking for a solution to cloak my websites from Stripe, I want Stripe to consider website A which is the legal one to be the one responsible for sales while I bring sales from my digital product websites. If anyone has any solution please help me!
  7. Jave

    Selling Gift Cards for own website

    Hello, I'm about to publish a new website which offers virtual currency for users to buy to use on my site for various services. Right now I'm planning to use Stripe as a payment gateway but as many know they are not reliable and can shut down your account anytime. As an alternative I thought...
  8. N

    payment processing partner for a high-risk business recommendations

    Hello everyone, I'm exploring options for a payment processing partner for a high-risk business. What features or factors do you recommend considering? Your insights would be invaluable! Thanks!
  9. CounterCounterMeasures

    Payment Gateway Integration

    Looking for someone who can connect Payoneer Checkout to accept card payments on this ecommerce platform: Do not PM me, please state what info/access you need + your price here on the thread.
  10. Slorm31600

    Payment Processor / Gateways for my LLC without being American or living on American soil

    Hello, Maybe I believe too much in Santa Claus, but I would like to know if a payment processor / gateways accepts this kind of structure. I have a company based in Wyoming but I'm not physically there and I'm not American either (European). Of course I have an agent there for the...
  11. V

    Payment Processor Gateway or Solution for Black Hat Niche E Commerce Website

    Hello , i have e commerce website in black hat niche. I have been struggling with finding good payment solution for my website. Worked 1 year with paypal and stripe but they finally restricted my accounts. Would appreciate any help . Thanks!
  12. V

    Payment Processor / Gateway for website with replica products .

    Hello i need payment processor or gateway for website that sells replica . I have worked 1 year with paypal and stripe but things came to end as we had over 1% chargeback ratio. If someone knows cloaking method or company that can make Wallet method for my customers where they top up balance...
  13. Malek33

    How is working with a stealth stripe looks like?

    Hey guys, i want to start selling digital products, specifically iptv subscriptions, and i need a payment gateway, I'm thinking about buying a Stripe account but some good folks told me that it won't last long. my questions are : if you purchased a stripe account, how its like? Do you just get...
  14. Snqke

    Payment Processor that Ignore DMCA ?

    Hello guys, i have website that share DMCA content and i'm planning to add some premium plan on my website and i'm searching for Payment Processor that don't share my informations is this list safe ? CCBill CoinPayments Epoch PayPal Robokassa SegPay Verotel Zombaio or...
  15. CounterCounterMeasures

    Payment Gateway for reselling digital products/keys/accounts?

    A friend wants to resell digital products like Microsoft keys software keys, accounts, etc. He wants to use PayPal to accept credit card payments on his website, but I don't think that's a good idea. Any recommendations for payment gateways that accept these kinds of products?
  16. Troubleshoot Crisis Control  Website Speed Optimization, Server deployment,  Backup, Translation and Payment Gateway setup

    Troubleshoot Crisis Control Website Speed Optimization, Server deployment, Backup, Translation and Payment Gateway setup

    Troubleshoot Crisis Control Website Speed Optimization, Server deployment, Backup, Translation and Payment Gateway setup
  17. T

    Payment gateway solution for replica e-commerce store

    We are a replica business selling online, 50% USA and 50% rest of the world. Our monthly current volume is above $50,000 - $100,000 this figure can go 5-10x more with a smooth payment processor and cashout. We need mastercard/visa payment solution online as priority and any other payment...
  18. Great ruler

    Looking for cards and paypal payment gate support for social media marketing

    Im promoting and selling social media accounts any payment gate service provider will approval this
  19. survivorghost

    I will rent your Stripe or [Long term]

    Hi guys. I use email and sms marketing to contact my list of donors, I have a list of millions of donors. and they come and donate on my website. But my problem is with payment processor, they closed my account because I don't have a business or a charity to accept donations. If you have a...
  20. A

    I'm looking for Card payment gate way for my website if any service provider here ping me

    I'm looking following payment gate support All cards payment gate PayPal Crypto If any one here ping me
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