payment gateway india

  1. lumiux

    Any genuine High Risk CC processor??

    Hi, I sell beauty (creams) products globally from India. Some of the products I sell require a prescription in the USA. I have been struggling past 1.5years to find a proper payment gateway for my store. I have used many PayPal and all ended of getting limited. Even used skrill but skrill...
  2. kaizenKNIGHT

    [METHOD] How to get a STRIPE Payment Gateway

    Hi Everyone, I am sure most people here who are international have a very hard time getting a stripe account for doing business. Here is a method a friend of mine shared with me and is working as of TODAY (17th, Oct,2017) WORLDWIDE (This is blackhat though) The thing is I don't know how long...
  3. S

    Best payment method for Indian citizens and easy to sign up and operate outside of India?

    Hi, I'm from Europe and I menage few ecommerce stores. I have a lot of clients from India and for them Paypal payment method isn't perfect. They are young and 99% of them don't have paypal, so they are resigning of purchase. As far as I know, most of them using Paytm but I can't sign up for that...