1. amitbhaijaymataji

    Difficult to rank payday niche

    How difficult to rank payday loan or any other loan niche in specific USA I have expired domain with good backlink Looking for more information Is it worth to spend money and time for payday or any loan niche ??
  2. chikri

    Looking for coinbase checker

    Will be looking for a coinbase checker that can check if the emails i import in the program have a coinbase account attached to it or not
  3. Jefferies T

    How Do I Consistently Publish Payday Loan ADS?

    I have a few Payday loan sites and have recently tried Facebook Ads Initially most my Ads get accepted then late will be disapproved, I have made sure the Ads themselves do not have words like "PAYDAY" BAD CREDIT" etc and have basically remodeled a competitor Ad that seems to run all the time...
  4. Sourav Mehta

    Looking for fresh subprime data- daily feed

    Hi, If you are an mailer and mailing subprime data - payday, auto etc, PM me. Need fresh data 24-48hrs old, 50k a day if its quality.
  5. Louie AV

    Hi I'm here about Payday Loans

    Hi can anyone please tell me the experience they are having with affiliate networks that deal in leads for payday loans and or installment and personal loans. Who are they and what has your experience been when you sell your leads to them?
  6. Louie AV

    Does anyone in here do Payday, personal or Installment loan leadGen?

    Reason why I ask is because I want to know what your opinion is about who the best affiliate networks are to sell that kind of traffic to?
  7. Louie AV

    What Payday Affiliate program do y'all like the best

    Doing a comparison of Payday affiliate programs to see which one is most liked by everyone. Comparing payouts, customer service, analytics etc. Please let me know
  8. Louie AV

    What are the best Payday Affiliate Programs out there?

    Hey everyone, I really want to know who y'all like overall that has great affiliate programs in the payday and installment verticals. Any votes!?
  9. Louie AV

    New Here. Want to know how to get approved for offering our Resource here on BHW.

    Hi Everyone, I work with a brand new Affiliate Network and I want to be able to post on here to offer our services to everyone who is in an affiliate in the Loan space. Please if anyone knows how I can go through this process here please help me out
  10. C

    Hi Everyone! I need help Understanding and a list of affiliate networks

    So I'm trying to get involved trying to get on with some affiliate networks that will help me with payday or check-into-cash type of affiliates. Who would be good to go with and also what are common pitfalls? I want to do this right from the get go. Help!
  11. R

    I have too many payday leads

    Hey guys, I'm currently generating all my own payday / installment leads but have had a surge in leads and my own team can't process them all fast enough. I know all the traditional affiliate programs like Zero Parallel and Roundsky etc. Has anyone actually sold leads to these guys? My leads...
  12. S

    Best way to rank highly in SEO?

    Hi All, Im interested to find out the best way to rank highly as an SEO? Interested to hear what everyones opinions are on this? Thanks :)
  13. D

    buying leads for payday offers

    looking to buy leads for payday offers to various networks. Target is U.S. 250-300/month, or 8-10/day. Must be quality leads, can pay on daily, weekly, or monthly basis. users that provide high quality services will be sought for longterm work.
  14. R

    Offers that converts best

    Hey ya'll Just sitting here and and researching for new niche, but while that decided to make a new thread or post about the best converted offers that I know, and if you know some good ones you can share too. so here is what I've did before and they converted really well for me, 1.Payday...
  15. S


    Well first I hope I post this in the right forum. Well I need payday loan leads DUI leads and tax leads. I am with a network that does not care what kind of marketing I do, they just want leads. I will go 50/50 if someone can help me out, I already made $78 but my traffic dried up. I will not...
  16. J

    Looking for US & UK Payday DATA

    Looking for affiliates with payday data/leads (US/UK). PM or Skype me with interest. skype: joseph.t3leads
  17. J

    Looking for a Payday PPL Affiliate Network?

    I'm currently on the search for publishers for my excellent PPL Affiliate Network. PM me if you're interested.
  18. P

    $75/approval PLUS $500 Signing Bonus for Payday Affiliates

    We are looking for serious affiliates for US payday leads. We will pay a flat rate of $75 per approved loan. We have many convenient ways for sending applications, which include: links, 2 variations of a pre-application, and direct submission to our database. We also have an affiliate login...
  19. F

    ALERT : Calling all Payday loan Publishers/ Networks

    Are you sending your payday traffic to a network or managing it with your own ping tree?? Either way we can bring revenue by send your declined customers to other payday offers through our Email and Call center team. We are able to handle up to 10000 data per day( negotiable) and willing to...
  20. O

    How Are You Monetizing Your Declined Payday Data?

    Has anyone had success with trying to offer title loans to their declined payday data? Either100% online or through the use of a call center? If so how is it working out for you or what challenges are you facing? Thanks
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