pay per view

  1. M

    Pay per view

    I want a pay per view click wp theme. If any one know please tell me.
  2. mayadd

    Pay per view (watch)?

    Hello BHW! I hope you're doing just fine:) I have a question, What is the best site that gives money for views with a high rate? Like openload (which isn't working anymore :() Thanks a lot! By the way I will post a journey about my porn niche site and trying new things to get the most out of...
  3. poselison

    Rapidvideo ends partner program

    Hi, Apparently this decision is because Rapidvideo can't sustain streaming to platforms like Kodi that don't show their ads, and they say that another popular streaming site will do the same later. Also it seems that they'll be implementing premium to be able to watch videos. Source: Torrentfreak
  4. P

    Best pay per view ads for my new website?

    Hey guys! Hung out here for a long time but didn't interact with all of you much. I am almost done with setting up my wordpress niche website and I have good and reliable traffic sources for it. Just wanted to hear your opinion on pay per view ads. Should I go with adsense or is there a broker...
  5. M

    Looking for Real Traffic for my Website will Pay 5$ per CPM

    Hi Am looking for the real traffic for my website just like 9gag if you can get traffic by any means no issues either it is adult or non adult I will pay on CPM basis that is 5$ per CPM Geos are USA, CA, UK, AU, NZ : only Desktop traffic main thing is the traffic should be real and NO BOT...
  6. S

    Video advertisers for Pay per watch video site

    Hi, I have developed a site for pay per video view. Can anybody tell me about where can I get video ads for my site?? Skype: smita.vibhute95
  7. S

    PPV ethical?

    Do you think it is to steal someone else's gain? What is your opinion? I read an article yesterday and the author says is to steal.
  8. janojebo

    YT- Pay per view program?

    Hello Is there any affiliate program/site similar to mylikes but instead of promoting articles you promote YouTube videos? Basically pay per view program. Any suggestions are welcome.
  9. A

    Secret PPV Insider Coaching: Million-Dollar Traffic Generation Method Revealed

    Important Notice: From today onwards, the video content has been replaced by Lifetime Coaching and Support by me personally.
  10. B

    daily motion payper view

    would it be viable to make shitty minecraft videos and get monetized on daily motion and use hitleap premium to get revenue? Theres no skip option on there ad's even for people just starting out. so there's nothing to be curious about if everyone is playing through ad's? I've also noticed videos...
  11. Q

    Earn Money On Short Links

    Hey Guys Today I See This Site Very Good Looks And Also High Rank On Alexa I Also Use To Earn Money
  12. L

    Where can I find people?

    Where can I find people that want to advertise on my site, because the sites I have seen aren't very good, and I would rather deal directly with advertisers? Sorry if this is against the rules, just curious how to cut out the middle man :)
  13. Last_Legend

    Adult Pay Per View Sponsor!!

    Hello Hatters, Recently I make a porn site to promote porn tubes and dating offers . I got sponsors of dating sites but did not get even single Adult PPV sponsor. So please tell me if any one know adult PPV sponsor. Please don't suggest about this niches because daily I got 4k UV so only looking...
  14. N

    If someone could answer a few questions, it would be great!

    I have a few questions, if anyone could answer them that would be great! Videos showing off your niche, how you create them? When purchasing likes/comments/favorites, do you take any precautions? How many of each do you purchase? What type of niche do you like to go into? Not requesting...
  15. Cratos

    Scrapebox For PPV URL Targeted Keyword Scraping?

    Even though this side of the forum seems dead. As if there should be a few virtual tumble weeds rolling by here. My question is: Does anyone of you use Scrapebox for scraping keyword targeted URLs for PPV campaigns? I'm starting my first campaign soon. And I don't want to buy that piece of...
  16. cstrum

    Wordpress Advice Requested...

    First of all, thanks for taking a look. :-) I am working with a Wordpress website using s2member pro as its membership software. We currently have about 200 members of which about 120 of them are paying members (recurring monthly). The main service we are offering right now is a live chat...
  17. S

    Method to make $10+ with little work. Great for Noobs/Fast Payment(Paypal)!

  18. A

    Ppv traffic + google adsense ???

    Hey Guys How big is the probability to get banned from GooGle AdSenSe driving PPV Traffic to my site ??? Have someone tried this method and get PayoUT ?? thanks :)
  19. csyhomme

    - BrainStorm - If you have a adult site with 5K streaming videos with you own server !!!!

    As title, what would you do with it ? :o SEO work is not so easy in adult industries, with not so much pay per view, might as well take it to another level ! Enough with charging ppl to view the videos, any better ideas ? 5K data base took a while to build, with 600 increase every month, lots...
  20. spsfinest

    Is This Normal Starting Out?

    Impressions Actions This traffic cost $12 so it's not that bad yet. Is this normal when starting out or should I change my tactics? I use directcpv if that matters
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