pay per signup

  1. Detra Chambliss

    Looking for payper free sign ups

    I've got adult traffic & am looking for network or specific offer even better paying per free sign up. Like Chaturbate did a while back. (Super ignorant newb here, pls let me know if Im doing something wrong) Edit /sp
  2. C

    Bitcoin Chat traffic/ pay per sign up?

    Hey guys I'm new here and I'm trying to find some Pay per signup affiliate programs that accept chat traffic and payout in bitcoin. HMU if you know of any , Thanks!
  3. T

    Will this Trick work for pay per signup programs?

    Hi, I have joined a pay per signup program that will pay $5 for every verified signup. Now I am wondering that can I myself signup this program using different names and emails using a VPN and make quick money. Is this possible?:p Lastly, how they judge that a signup is genuine or fake ?
  4. Asharvin66

    Pay per email submit affiliate networks needed.

    Got a new idea for getting mass amount of email submits for most markets. I just need a list of affiliate sites that pay well for email submits. SPAM ME WITH AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Really have a good feeling bout this.
  5. L

    Assistance needed - membership sign up (to a free join, free service)

    I need female members from a particular ethnicity to sign up for a non-adult dating service. Will pay per verified REAL sign up. Up to 500 members. Will discuss potential marketing angle. Thanks. Admin: apologies if this posting is against post Policy.
  6. blackma

    Sites like R u d e * c o m

    Hey guys, I have been promoting for Rude dot com. Making nice double figures everyday, with their dollar per sign up, but nothing compared to what I was making a year ago. What I wanted to ask is " Is there any other websites similar to rude that pay a dollar per sign up and that pay and...
  7. T

    I need help setting up CPA-programs - will pay you

    I represent a company about to enter the US CPA-market with a digital business model. We have online promotions and good conversion rates to pay but need help in setting us up with the most efficient CPA-networks in the US. We need help in identifying, analyzing, setting-up and maybe initially...
  8. D

    What to do with traffic? Need advice

    I have some decent traffic from all over for one site of mine. Demographics are distributed and selling products is not working. Adsense is not an option. I need your advice on how I can monetize this traffic. What are the best "pay per impression" programs out there? I could think only till...
  9. CLB08

    Hello, Black Hat World!! BHW tips needed...

    Hello everybody!! As a new member I'd love recommendations for where to start reading and learning. My focus of education is PPC, Article Marketing, Pay Per signup and automation in most tasks. Links to the most informative BHW threads on these subjects and more would be greatly...
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