What to do with traffic? Need advice


Dec 14, 2007
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I have some decent traffic from all over for one site of mine. Demographics are distributed and selling products is not working. Adsense is not an option.

I need your advice on how I can monetize this traffic. What are the best "pay per impression" programs out there? I could think only till that.

Sometimes the traffic comes in hordes from Digg etc. but they are there only to read on page/post and go off. How do you monetize Digg kind of traffic?

Pl. do advice. ;)
try CPM or something similar...
use other ppc networks other than adsense, like pepperjam or adbrite.. ppc is the way ide do it.. its more stable.
You could also monetize the site by selling links to people who are interested in advertising on a Digg/SU/reddit-friendly site.
if you want to do ppc with it, check out rivaclick, they have some pretty awesome bids for keywords...
Thanks for all the replies.

Are banner impression ads no good any more? Tribal Fusion, burst media etc?
There are also some XML ad feeds, but I don't have direct experience with them yet. (I think some are: AdMarketplace, ValidClick, etc.)
id sell some text links if thats an option - why isnt adsense an option? adult/gaming? can you be more specific?
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