pay per install

  1. Ropelyn

    Multi-accounting for pay per install model

    Attention money aficionados! When it comes to orchestrating PPI campaigns with a slew of multiple accounts, what's your secret recipe for efficiently managing and optimizing them to achieve peak installations? Share your wizardry and let's crack this digital code together!
  2. Evgenio999

    Find publishers Pay Per Install

    How can I find publishers to work on the system Pay Per Install on PC?
  3. OscarMaster

    Looking for PPI service

    Hi BHW I am new to the forum, I am looking for deployment services for windows desktop. I have my own application that needs installs in different geo, WW, EU, USA (~10.000). Who can tell me how to get installs I would be very happy to start cooperation. I am new to the form please message...
  4. Lumiapps 3

    Lumiapps 3

  5. Lumiapps 2

    Lumiapps 2

  6. Lumiapps 1

    Lumiapps 1

  7. J

    What is alternative for

    Hello everybody! mymediads just closed a few days ago. What alternative for this website could you advise? I need PPI desktop traffic. I pay 0,09-0,1$. Thank you!
  8. M

    What are some good offer with targeted customer of college stuents?

    Can someone please share an idea for college students? Pay Per Click? Pey Per Install? Pay Per View? Where can we find some offers suitable for College students?
  9. Nejtrino

    Best PPI network?

    Hello BHW, tell me please, which PPI network is the best in nowadays? i’m working now with Cinstaller, but every day they pay less and less for install I have ~800-900 installs per day and they pay an average of about $0.05 per installation
  10. RichKIDLK

    What is the best Pay Per Install Network in 2021????

    Friends, What is the best Pay Per Install Network in 2021??? Paying well and also have a good rates. ( Mainly for PC ) Thank you :)
  11. rajputt65

    Searching Legit PPI Network for Newly Build Android App

    Hi All, I'm looking for legit pay per install network for my Android app. Please note that, its newly build app and has the traffic from france country only upto 230 active users daily. So, what ad-network provides me the highest CPI (cost per install) for Android app publishers? Thanks!
  12. rajputt65

    Looking for Best PPI (Pay Per Install) Network in 2020 Specifically for Windows Traffic.

    Which ad-network provides the highest CPI (cost per install) to Windows publishers? I've already tried Installbank, Cinstaller and Pinapfile but got very low CPI as per my traffic stats. One of my whole site got deindexed in bing just because of unsafe installer. So, it should be clean and...
  13. rajputt65

    Bing Deindexed All of My Site Pages Dramatically - What should i do?

    Hi All, Please help me out to know about why bing has deindexed all the pages of my website suddenly without notifying me any warning message regarding the policy violation or so. My site has the PPI network integrated already and has been running since last 1 month. is this PPI network caused...
  14. cooxer

    Monetize games hacks niche

    Hi guys, I am currently running a game hacks website and monetizing it through pay per install offers. I use cinstaller network and made 6k with them since 2017, but I think I earn not enough. At the moment my website receives ~200 visitors per day and earns $0.5-$2. I am thinking about...
  15. C

    List of PPI Companies, that work and legit 100% (Updated June 2020)

    1. codmobilehax .site (remove space between) (New PPI Company, they offer hostable .exe file where you can host it where you want, very high conversation rate) 2. polarads. com (remove space between) (Also new PPI Company, they offer CPI, CPA ads, but not so good conversation) 3...
  16. MrT131

    PPI/Cinstaller : What are people installing and is it ethical?

    Hey BHW, i recently heard something about Cinstaller where you get paid if people download your content. Now my question is what are people exacly installing that advertisers are getting money for it and is it ethical?
  17. frankweerasinghe

    Looking for a working PPI network [April 2020]

    Hi, I’m looking for working PPI networks right now. Most companies are closed. I can provide big volume. Private offers are also welcome.
  18. Le Anonimo

    Methods for PPI

    Can anyone tell me the currently working method for PPI.
  19. C

    Best PPI (Pay Per Install) Companies 2019/2020 with links!

    Here is the list of best PPI or Pay Per Install Companies that are still working and legit: 1. 2. 3. 4. Others are just reselling, this is it for now, PPI is at hard days nowdays, but let's hope it will be better. Cheers :)
  20. C

    What is best PPI network for publishers to use, please HELP !

    I'm using PPI for almost 5 years now and it's the best monetization solution for my website, PPI had it gold days, but nowadays the networks i worked with are giving really bad revenue, so i'm looking for new PPI, anyone can you please sugest something good, currently i'm working with PinapFile
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