1. D

    Journey to Passive Income [First Journey]

    Goal: make 2.000 in one month without doing ANYTHING, with two weeks of preperation **This journey is to keep track of myself and mostly to keep myself motivated; but comments to help me are more than welcome! And ofc. I will answer questions if anyone has them** Hi, I'm Paul and, as you can...
  2. M

    Should I Buy Links to My Money Site?

    Okay everybody. I've been lurking for the past 36 hours and boy oh boy have I learned a lot. Now I have a question. My money site is ranked number 3 in G and I average about $100/day with it. I had it ranked number 1 and it was doing $300/day. My question i - Should I buy a back link package...
  3. sikandar

    Question about Angela's links

    On many SEO forums people are talking about sites by Angela and Paul - which are supposedly good for backlinks. I went through one of the reports. It was mostly about creating profiles at high PR websites and creating links in those profiles. I'd like to know if we need to do anything more...
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