Journey to Passive Income [First Journey]


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Jan 26, 2011
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Goal: make 2.000 in one month without doing ANYTHING, with two weeks of preperation

**This journey is to keep track of myself and mostly to keep myself motivated; but comments to help me are more than welcome! And ofc. I will answer questions if anyone has them**​

Hi, I'm Paul and, as you can might have guessed, I'm Dutch (so don't blame me on my spelling mistakes) and I am going to try to create some passive income.

I will try to keep this topic a bit organized. You can read or skip some parts, what ever you want :) if you don't want to read everything, just read "in short"

Who am I?
20 years old, study Small Business & Retail Management and have a small business in translating. I'm pretty lazy, but I actually don't think that is a bad thing; my goal is to make enough money to live a normal live, but without working more than 10 hours per week. I know I have to work for my money, but I also know there are some ways to make good money without working a lot (I'm currently reading "The 4-hour workweek").
I am currently living in Germany for an internship, which is 40 hours per week. Not much of spare time, so I want to use the time I work as good as I can; be productive.

Why this journey?
I was actually planning to start a challange with a friend today first of oktober (note: my timezone is GMT +1, so it's 0:35 AM right now) but he pussied out. He wanted to postpone it, but I really want to start and it has been long enough... I have been reading on BHW for a while now (about 3 - 4 years) and never really took action. With this journey I want to take action, and I hope I can help someone or motivate someone.

What is my goal?

Work for two weeks and then monitor it for a whole month, and make at least 2000 euro (turnover, not profit). Should be possible, and for some people 2.000 euro might be nothing for them, but my theory:
If you make a website every day, and you make a profit of 10 euro every month, then:
  • After a month, you have 300 euro profit every month
  • After a year, you have 3600 euro profit every month
  • After a two years, you have 7200 euro profit every month
  • After 10 year, you have 36000 euro profit every month
Of course this is only theory, in real life it doesn't work this way, but the principle is the same: just scale it up

So, goal: make 2.000 in one month without doing ANYTHING, with two weeks of preperation

How am I going to achieve that goal?
By creating pages about Clickbank products. Of course with my affiliate link. These websites will be a "review website". I tried a method from BHW, which was buying some adwords coupons on Fiverr so you have $500+ of advertising money, but you only pay $5... didn't work, so I'm going to try it 'the white way'. I will bid on "product name", "product name + review" and "product name + scam". I have looked up some products and the avg. CPC on Adwords, and came to the conclusion that 1% of the visitors has to buy the product to break even.
Next to an affiliate link I will also include an opt-in, so I might get some other sales with my mailing list, but I have to think that through first. Maybe I can find some cheaper similar products on Clickbank for the ones who didn't buy, but did opt-in.
I am going to create two kinds of websites: one is a salespage (I bought Optimizepress, which is perfect for making a salespage) where I tell my experience with the product, and the other kind is a 'blog' where I post 5 articles, starting with "I am going to review this the next week" and ending with "this product is so great, buy it!". Both will have a review from Fiverr, which I will also post on Youtube (but I don't think I will get any visits from Youtube). Perhaps I will search for a way to get some fake views to make it seem more legit.
I want to make 10 websites each week (20 in total); 1 per weekday, 5 in the weekend. I am going to Oktoberfest this weekend, but I have this wednesday off, so I will have to work extra hard the first few days to make up for the weekend.
I will write the text for 10 of the 20 websites myself and have it proof read by someone on Fiverr. The text for the other 10 websites will be written by someone on Fiverr. This will cost me approximately 24 euro per website; 240 euro in total. The review videos will cost in total approximately 160 euro.

What is my experience?
I have some experience with Adwords, but just the basics. It is enough for this project though.
I also have experience with WordPress and Optimizepress, so creating the websites won't be a problem (everyone can make one with WordPress).

  • Planning every two days:
  • Find product on Clickbank
  • Write articles/text for one website
  • Order proofread for own articles/text
  • Order articles/text on Fiverr for other website
  • Make a website with own articles/text
  • Make a website with Fiverr articles/text
  • Order two Review Videos on Fiverr
  • Set up adwords campaign for both websites

In short:
Goal: 2.000 euro in one month (passive income)
Way of income: Clickbank
Way of promoting products: two kind of websites; review-blog and (review)salespage, mailinglist
Way of promoting websites: Adwords, maybe Facebook Ads, mailinglist
Amount of websites withiin two weeks: 20
Money to invest in total: 1000 euro
Money investing in Adwords: min. 200 euro
Money investing in articles/text: 240 euro
Money investing in Review Videos: 160 euro
Money investing in Aweber: 20 euro
Money investing in proofreading: 40 euro
Time to invest: min. 2 hours per day during the week, 5 hours per day in the weekend
'Tools' I will use: an Aweber account, Wordpress + OptimizePress, Fiverr
I won't be doing anything in 'the passive month', except investing more money in Adwords or Facebook Ads. It has to be Passive Income. This means I also have to write the mails for the autoresponder in the first two weeks

Progress preparation weeks:
Website made: 0/20
Hours worked: 0/40(?)

Total: 89 euro
Adwords: 50 euro
Domain + hosting: 15 euro
Proof reading:
Articles/text: 24 euro
Review videos:

Progress Passive month (15 okt 2012 - 15 nov 2012) :
Total revenue:
Revenue from websites:
Revenue from autoresponder:
Total profit: -89
So I already have the domain and hosting, I have found two totally different products and I ordered text for one website on Fiverr.
I have invested 50 euro in Adwords and I have 50 euro extra because of a coupon; 100 euro Adwords money in total.

Going to bed now, today I hope to create the first website!
Today is the first day of the challange. I will make the first website today, and set-up the Adwords campaign, and see if I can already make some money in the two 'work weeks'.

Read some more of the book "4 hour work week", thinking about dropping all the things I'm doing right now (translations and other projects) because they are too time consuming...
I don't have much experience with CB, I'll subscribe and see how it will work and I'll learn it from you. :) GL dude!
Hmm nice idea lets wait for you'r success then i will follow.........
Best of luck, look forward to reading some updates! I'm going to be starting my process today as well. Big day for me because I am stopping smoking as well ;)

Where in Holland are you from? I'm studying in Maastricht but I'm not from Holland.
I was actually planning to start a challange with a friend today first of oktober (note: my timezone is GMT +1, so it's 0:35 AM right now) but he pussied out.

I didn't pussy out, I just don't have time! I will just start one week later :) Good luck, Paulus, may the best one (me) win!
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Are you offering something in-return for visitors opting in? Like a free ebook on the niche?

If the seller of the product has an free sample or an own opt-in, I will sent a link to the sample/trial/ebook or opt-in. So they will have to opt-in on my website, and then they will have to opt-in on the original seller page.
I don't want to spent hours on creating ebooks, but it might be a good idea but only for the big products; I don't want to create a ebook for 10 optins per month.

Where in Holland are you from? I'm studying in Maastricht but I'm not from Holland.

I'm from Rotterdam (well, near Rotterdam). Currently in Dusseldorf (Germany) for an internship though.
Maastricht is a great place to study (atleast that's what I heard)
I think adwords wont accept ads for affiliate products, but things might changed you should check that first, and find a way round if so. (Its called affiliate arbitrage, with ppc) Good luck.
I think adwords wont accept ads for affiliate products, but things might changed you should check that first, and find a way round if so. (Its called affiliate arbitrage, with ppc) Good luck.

Yeah I read about the plugin Pretty Links; it looks like you're linking to internal pages, but they redirect to aff. links :) I hope that will do the trick, otherwise I will look for it, thanks for the tip!
Seems like a pretty decent plan.
Good luck on your journey!
Update after day #1
Thanks everyone for the replies!

I found a product to promote, and I wrote my salespage. It's a short one (700 words); I will be testing with long and short salespages, with and without opt-in etc. just some basic A/B split testing
The salespage is made and online, but I ordered a proofread to make sure there are no big grammar mistakes in the text; it is a express gig so it will be done within 24 hours. Right now I'm going to write the text for the review video, and order a gig for a review video on Fiverr.
Made the Adwords Campaign and found my first problem:

First problem: Google blocked my campaign... The reason is "arbitrage". I don't know what the exact reason is, maybe because I'm promoting a clickbank product... Not a reason to stop, I gonna call them today and find out.

I will create another website for the same product, only this will be a "blog" where it looks like I posted some articles on different days instead of one salespage. Also part of testing what works best. Of course I first have to find out why Google doesn't allow my campaign, would be useless to create another salespage if I can't get visitors...
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Couldn't reach Google Netherlands because I'm currently in Germany... Tomorrow I will make a call with Skype so I can reach them, and hopefully fix the problem.

Tonight I will recieve the text for the 3rd and 4th website (same subject, two kinds of sites: one is a salespage, other is a blog which I explained before). I ordered 6 gigs (30 dollar / 24 euro) and I will get 3.500 words for that. This is for two sites about the same product; one salespage and one blog.
I will take a look at the quality, and I might order more.

A really good thing: I think I found one of the best proofreaders on Fiverr
I have ordered proofreading before and I always got what I expected: a proofreading. The guy I found today does more than that. Take a look at this:

The text I had before:
I found Rocket Spanish on my search to a good way to learn Spanish. I wanted to know more about it so I searched on the internet, but couldn't find a neutral website about Rocket Spanish. When I decided to buy it, I also decided that I would make a website about it.

Perhaps you have already read much about Rocket Spanish, so I will tell my personal experience of it.

The text he delivered after the proofreading:
After recently searching online for a quick and easy way to learn the Spanish Language, I stumbled upon a website that mentioned a Teaching Software called Rocket Spanish. Intrigued by the name, I began to research further, looking for a website that offered a more neutral and complete evaluation of the product, listing both its positive and negative points. This proved to be difficult, as the only information that I could find was from online marketers who were trying to sell the product to make money, so of course I was a little apprehensive to trust what I was reading on those websites.

Since I believe that people the world over will always have a need for a fast and efficient method of learning a second language, and since I couldn't readily find any information online that effectively rated the Rocket Spanish course, I decided to purchase the product for myself, and create a website about its usefulness to those of us seeking to increase or enhance our Foreign Language Skills.

He changed it in really good English, and he even increased the word count. From 680 words to 860 words. Wow! Don't know if I'm allowed to post link here to fiverr? I don't mind sharing; the least I can do for him is get him some more customers (don't know why, but his proofreading gig only has 4 reviews).
I don't know the quality of the articles I will get tonight from a content writer on Fiverr, but I might get them proofread as well.

I'm not going to do anything else today, I first want to call with Google, it would be a waste of time if I can't use Adwords... Tomorrow I have the whole day, so I want to make at least two websites with my own text, and create two with the text I will get tonight. Besides that I will write scripts for the review websites and order them for the 5 websites I will have tomorrow. I will also set up autoresponders for the five websites and create Adwords campaigns. Of course only if it all works out with Google...
I'll keep you guys posted.
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So... Haven't updated yesterday, I had to think the whole strategy over...

Google doesn't allow my ads because the only purpose is promoting a clickbank product. So the original method doesn't work
I don't give up though :) found some tips, so new strategy:
Make websites with more content / more value for the customer. Make it seem 'more legit'. No affiliate link on it, I gonna test with two things: one with only an opt-in, and one with an opt-in and a link to another website of mine which is a salespage.

But I will do all of this next week: today I'm going to oktoberfest :D



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