1. Coastline17

    Password Managers - Your Expereience?

    Im contemplating the use of password managers. Ones like DashLane and other digital managers. This is in light of a recent event in which one of my credit cards was compromised as well as a login to a site I frequent, most likely due to a weak password. Has anyone had any experience with these...
  2. Wilson Grant Fisk

    1.4 Billion Clear Text Credentials Discovered in a Single Database

    Full story:
  3. D

    My Success Story | VIRUS that can steal all your INCOME | Still Not Earning Serious Money?

    My success story I have been a proud member of BHW since Dec 2011 & must say BHW is something that has changed my life. It?s shown me the path to make money online. Like most of us when we were newbies I started with Zero money to invest. I made my 1st few dollar via ClickBank by uploading...
  4. O

    Twitter account password recovery

    Had twitter account passwords on notepad. Accidentally deleted notepad. No longer have access to hushmail email Reinstalled operating system. Windows 7 Tried every password recovery tool on youtube. All are scams / fake Running easeus data recovery. Need passwords back...
  5. S

    How do I know I can trust a tool with my password?

    Sorry if this is a newbie question, but I searched the forum and couldn't find an answer. I'm thinking about purchasing a tool like Tweet Demon. Once I put an account name and password into the tool, how can I be sure that the creator of the tool won't steal my account? It seems like a pretty...
  6. C

    Does any body have a large list of youtube usernames and passwords?

    I need a large list of youtube usernames and passwords.
  7. lancis

    6.5 million LinkedIn passwords leaked FYI
  8. CyberCriminal

    How do you store passwords of different sites on your PC?

    I use different passwords for different websites. So, I store all my passwords in a .txt file then .rar it with a password. This is the easiest and noobiest method I'm using to store passwords. Some people use password managers to store their passwords. Is there any good method you suggest...
  9. nasal

    Stupid method to display stored website passwords with firefox

    First you will need Firebug installed (which you can get on hxxp:// This is a development plugin, very useful if you are a web developer.. you can use it to see the source of the website you are browsing and change it's styles to see the live preview of how it will look after...
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