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    My success story

    I have been a proud member of BHW since Dec 2011 & must say BHW is something that has changed my life. It?s shown me the path to make money online.

    Like most of us when we were newbies I started with Zero money to invest. I made my 1st few dollar via ClickBank by uploading videos to YouTube, manually placing comments on related blogs, Forum Signature posting & so on. In the meantime learnt a lot about SEO. I invested all the money I had earned in SEO tools, buying domain, VPS & so on.

    I had 5 website targeting high CPC buying keywords. In the span of 3 months I started earning close to $250 per day via Google Adsense. Don?t think all that came to me easily. It was a lot of hard work, countless hours of performing research, experimenting, browsing BHW & other SEO related websites to gain all the knowledge & developing skills required to make my websites rank using my own unique technique.

    Then came a day when I got hacked & lost everything that was making me money online soon after which I created a thread in 2013 asking for help. Below is the link:

    A short summary of what had happen:

    - Got hacked by a virus called RAT. Where the hacker gets to control your computer just like how you can.

    - I never added my phone number to my Gmail account & I had long forgotten the password of the secondary email address & had no idea about the answer for security question.

    - Hacker changed the password & I could not reset as I did not had any information which could do it & none of my mails sent to Gmail support were ever answered.

    - I had been on vacation for 20 days & never carried my work along. I was using Hostgator which takes backup every week, after they restored I realized that there was nothing to resort. I got hacked 2 or 3 days after I left (assumption) & I checked 15 days after I got hacked. Hostgator restores only how your hosting account was on the previous week & not your preceding previous backup. I literally cried when I realized this.

    - All the files in my PC was deleted & the worst hit was when my RoboForm data file was deleted & I never created RoboForm online account.

    Sometime in life all the problems in the world come to you at once. I hardly had any money remaining in my bank account (Spent on Vacation), one of my family member suddenly got ill & I had to take care of the expenses, from $250 per day to $0 per day, pay bills, take care of commitments, depressed for losing income & few other unexpected things happen.

    My situation came down to such an extent that I had to sell my bike & few other things to take care of the situation as I could not borrow any more money. I had to find a job & work for few months, as we all know we cannot make instant money online it?s a time consuming process.

    The negative impact on my income would have been a lot lesser if I would have taken backup of my work which I never did & never diversified my income.

    After all that I had to go through there was not even a pinch of demotivation. Infact, this incident gave me so much more motivation that I made a promise to myself that one day I would get back on my feet & make a hell lot more money then I use to make.

    It took me close to a year?s time of struggle to get back on my feet again & I can proudly say that I now earn $750+ per day and increasing.

    I am sure you all want to know is how I make $750+ per day. You guys remember a dialogue from the movie Kung Fu Panda ?There is no Secret Ingredient?. If you are looking for something that is gonna make you rich overnight or some 100% working method, if so then let me tell you there isn?t any. All you have to do is laser focus on one project at a time, gain all knowledge & skill required & finally take actions & stay consistent. Trust me it?s not going to be easy but never give up & keep trying, give it your own twist, improvise & I am sure you will succeed.

    Remember ONE GAME AT A TIME. Once you are successful with one project & outsourced most of the work & only then move on to a different money making method. Diversification of income source is very important.

    If you don?t want to suffer the same faith as I did then carefully read this post. As I have made my best attempt to share everything you need to know about taking backups & protect your desktop from hackers and in the end some tips for those who are unable to make serious money.

    Take Backup

    Never ever take backups lightly. You never know what?s waiting for you. No matter how lazy you are please make a habit of taking backups. Below are some of the things you have to take backups without fail:

    Backing Up your computer Data:
    Best two options would be Cloud & External Hard Drive. Below image shows a list of reliable cloud storage service.


    External Hard Drives are best when you want to backup data whose size is huge.

    Backing Up your Hosting Data:
    Different Hosting Companies have different Backup Solutions. Some take automatic backups once a week & some daily which is restored on request. There are few who don?t take any backups until & unless instructed or done manually. So make sure your hosting backup is enabled.

    To be at a safer side make sure you manually take a backup at least once in a month by following the below instructions:

    - Go to your Cpanel under ?FILES? section Click on ?Backups?

    - Then Click on ?Download a Full Website BackUp? & then Click ?Generate Backup?

    - You will receive a mail soon after the backup is ready to download.

    Backup you?re Passwords:

    I prefer Roboform for this purpose. It saves all your passwords & is protected by a master password. You have to only remember the master password. Make sure you create a Roboform Online account where all your passwords are saved online & is accessible from any device plus it comes with many other features. It is very important to have an online account in the case of any problem like hard drive got corrupted, computer got hacked and so on. Below is the official link.

    There are different other alternatives to Roboform such as LastPass, 1Password & so on. I prefer Roboform because they have been from the time I started IM, I am way too use to it & can?t think of anything else apart from Roboform to manage & backup my passwords.

    Most of the password manager applications comes with password generator. Do not use the same password for all the website. Generate a new password every time.

    Security Measures

    There are different kinds of virus out there some meant for damaging the performance of your computer & some meant to steal information such as login details stored in your browsers, steal your email list, copy files stored in your computer, remote control your computer & so on.

    2 Dangerous Computer Virus Type that Steal Data: (The ones you must be concerned about)

    RAT (Remote Access Trojan):
    This is one of the most dangerous badass virus. The hacker can use your computer just like how you use it. This was the virus my computer was infected with. RAT can do the following:

    -Watch your Desktop Screen Live just like Skype Screenshare.

    -Reverse your IP & Use it as proxy.

    -View, Delete, Copy, Move & Transfer any file from your computer.

    -Listen to you Live using your Desktop?s Microphone

    -Steal passwords & Log keystrokes

    -Watch you LIVE using Desktop Webcam.

    -Have it spread to any USB attached to your computer which helps in spreading the virus.

    Check the below link for complete list of features (YOU WILL BE SHOCKED):

    This virus is binded with exe files usually found in cracks/patches of paid applications, game patches, & so on. Some of the advanced RAT can bind the virus with .pdf .doc .ppt & similar file types and not limited only to window but also can be infected on Mac as well. One of most popular RAT application called as BlackShades was banned by FBI & several people were arrested. Complete details found below:

    But, there are several other application like Blackshades still available to purchase.

    Key Loggers & Password Stealers:
    These type of Viruses records you?re Key Strokes you make to a log file, usually encrypted & sent to hacker?s ftp or mail address. They can do lot more than just stealing your keystrokes which is listed below:

    -Steals Password Stored in all Internet Browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari

    -Steals Password from Email Clients like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird & all other popular email clients.

    -Steals Passwords from FTP Client applications such as CoreFTP, FileZilla, SmartFTP and other popular clients.

    -Steals Passwords from Instant Messaging applications such as Nimbuzz, Pidgin, Msn, AIM, & other popular applications.

    -Steals Passwords from Internet Download Manager (IDM), Jdownloader, Steam Account, Runescape & other such similar applications.

    -Steals license key of Windows Operating System, Microsoft office & so on.

    -Other features like Start logging after windows restart, Recording Screenshots, Blocks Websites, Undetected by major antivirus companies and other nasty features.

    How are these viruses spread?

    Driven-By (Visiting Website):

    Yes, you heard me right. There are several website out their which will infect your computer just by visiting malicious website. Below are few links of recent encounters:

    Some hackers use PPV & PPI ads to spread virus.

    Changing Extension:
    Don?t think virus is only found in .exe files. They are also found in .doc .ppt .pdf .rtf & more which makes is less suspicious & easy to spread. So make sure you upload everything you download to before opening the file.

    Chat Rooms/eWhoring:
    I am sure at least once in your life you had some stranger ping you on your messenger pretending to be a girl & sending you an image which is nothing but a virus. Block such people immediately & report them if possible.

    Let me tell you something pals. NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS FOR FREE. Majority of the patch/cracks that you download from Warez sites, torrents and so on contains virus. You might open up your big mouth & say hey I have used several cracked applications & my computer is just doing fine. Virus which is made to steal data do less harm to the performance of your computer because you should never know that your data is stolen.

    Never download email attachments coming from an unknown source no matter how much curiosity its title creates or how attractive the title seems to be. Never open spam mails.

    Removable Media:
    Majority of the viruses are spread via Removable Media/USB. So make sure the AutoRun is disabled & properly scanned before opening.

    Symptoms of Infected Computer:

    Your computer is running extremely slow.

    Your Antivirus and firewall protection is unexpectedly disabled

    Unfamiliar and peculiar error messages

    Your friend received a mail from you which you didn?t send

    Access to anti-virus website is blocked

    You get redirected to web pages other than the one you intended to go to

    You receive numerous web-browser pop-up messages

    Your computer freezes, hangs or is unresponsive

    There are new icons on your Desktop that you do not recognize

    Files and folders have been deleted or their content has changed

    Your computer system has less available memory than it should.

    Unknown programs or files are being created.

    Your computer restarts in unusual ways.

    Your Browser home page changed.

    How to protect your computer

    The information shared below will not only help you protect your computer but also improve the performance of your computer.

    1. Anti-Virus
    When we talk about anti-virus we want to have the best one and when you search the internet or ask a friend to suggest one, I am sure you get different answers from different people and different websites suggest different Anti-Virus. Visit the below link:

    AV-Comparatives is an Austrian independent organization that tests and assesses antivirus software, regularly releasing charts and reports that are freely available to the public and the media. Below is the Wikipedia Link:

    From the above chart & other sources & from my personal opinion let?s conclude best free & paid anti-virus:

    Kaspersky Internet Security (least False Positive)
    Bit Defender (least False Positive)
    Trend Micro

    Qihoo ? 360

    Online Scanner:

    Outdated Antivirus is equal to not having an antivirus. It?s vital that you keep your PC?s protection up to date, otherwise newer threats may be able to slip past your defences.

    Make sure you set database update to automatic or check at-least once a day & run full scan once a week or once in every 10 days.

    Do not install more than one Anti-Virus & make sure it is running in the background all the time. As it provides real time protection.

    Anti-virus programs are not always effective against new viruses, even those that use non-signature-based methods that should detect new viruses. The reason for this is that the virus designers test their new viruses on the major anti-virus applications to make sure that they are not detected before releasing them into the wild. There are several malwares which anti-virus does not detect but anti-malware does. That is exactly when you need more than just Anti-Virus.

    2. Anti-Malware
    Anti-virus and anti-malware programs each perform different tasks. It is very important to know that Virus and Malware are not the same. Check the below link for details:

    Please do not start a debate on the above topic.

    Anti-Malware is not a replacement for an antivirus. For maximum security it is a MUST to have both Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware installed & running at the same time.

    You will just need one software for most of your Malware protection. Below is the link:

    Major difference between paid & free is that the paid version monitors & provides real time protection to prevent from installation of most new malwares & enables you to schedule automatic scans and database updates.

    If you can afford buying the paid version. Please go ahead & buy it?s really worth the money. And for those who cannot afford send me a PM. I am giving away free Malwarebytes pro license key.

    There are many other alternatives to Malwarebytes such as Emsisoft Anti-Malware, SuperAntiSpyware, HitmanPro and so on.

    Do not install & run more than one Anti-Malware at once.

    3. Other Security Related Applications (Run once every month):
    Below is the list of 4 applications which you need to run once in a month. This helps you removes Adwares, Unwanted Toolbars, Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP), browser Hijackers, Malwares and so on.

    None of the below applications are updated automatically. Download the applications from the links provided below every time before scanning your computer.

    AdwCleaner is a program that searches for and deletes Adware, Toolbars, Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP), and browser Hijackers from your computer. By using AdwCleaner you can easily remove many of these types of programs for a better user experience on your computer and while browsing the web. For more details & download link check the below link:

    RKill is a specialized tool created to terminate the most common malicious processes that prevent other security tools from being executed, complete a scan or used to disinfect the system. More Details & Download Link Below:

    Junkware Removal Tool:
    Junkware Removal Tool is a security utility that searches for and removes common adware, toolbars, and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) from your computer. More Details & Download Link Below:

    RogueKiller is a security tool that can be used to terminate and remove malicious processes and programs from your computer. RogueKiller has the ability to remove infections such as ZeroAccess, TDSS, rogue anti-spyware programs, and Ransomwares. Download Link Below:


    4. Firewall:
    To keep it short. The primary function of a firewall is to block unrequested incoming connections. All windows operating system comes with inbuilt Firewall which is more than enough. Check the below link on why you don?t need third party Firewall:

    Most of the paid Anti-Virus comes with Firewall Feature & if you are an advanced user who wants to have better control of the incoming connections have a look below:

    Comodo Firewall
    You will find both free & paid version of the above application.

    5. Must add Browser Extensions:
    There are several browsers plugins. Most of them are annoying. Below I have listed a few which is a must have in terms of security.

    HTTPS Everywhere
    HTTPS Everywhere is a Firefox, Chrome, and Opera extension that encrypts your communications with many major websites, making your browsing more secure.

    WOT stands for Web of Trust. WOT is an online community which tries to identify untrusted or spam websites and maintains a list of trusted websites. The WOT plugin safeguards your online activity by informing you if the website you are about to access is safe to visit or not.

    Remove or manage a new and uncommon kind of cookies, better known as LSO's.The BetterPrivacy safeguard offers various ways to handle Flash-cookies set by Google, YouTube, Ebay and others

    6. Other Utilities (Must have for better performance):

    I am sure most of you are using this application & for those who are not better get your hands on it. Over 1 billion downloads & the most popular freeware cleaner. Removes cookies, unwanted files, removes all crap from your browsers, fixes registry error & many more features. Below link has details & download link:

    Run this cleaner as often as possible or run it before every time you open your browser. Don?t get yourself attracted to crap applications like TuneUp Utilites, System Mechanic, Advanced System Optimizer and other such applications. CCleaner is more than enough to clean all the unwanted files from your computer & system optimization. Below link will help you make the best out of CCleaner:

    Revo Uninstaller Pro
    Every time you uninstall an application it leaves behind unwanted files & unwanted registry entries in your computer. This application will executive a clean uninstall of any application you wish to uninstall.

    Best Practices

    Always Keep Your Programs Up to Date

    New versions often fix security vulnerabilities in older versions of software. Updating all your applications & plugins will not only improve your security but also the performance of your computer. Hacker always try to find security loopholes in widely used programs to spread virus. So make sure you keep all your programs up-to-date.

    The visitor?s computer gets infected just by visiting malicious websites & opening infected files. To identify such compromised websites & infected files it is very important to update all your security applications, web browsers, operating system, Java, Flash & so on.

    Below are a list of widely used programs & why you need to keep it updated:

    Java has been used by billions of people worldwide. Hackers in the past have found security loopholes in Java Browser Plug-in & used it to infect thousands of computers in the past & who knows they might be infecting even now.
    Below are some of the links providing more details:

    Over the period of time frequent updates has been released by Oracle to fix security vulnerabilities. To be on the safer side please update Java. Below is the link which helps you to keep your Java Updated:

    Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware:
    An outdated anti-virus is equal to not having an anti-virus at all.

    Cyber criminals are always looking for holes and vulnerabilities that they can exploit to create new and more powerful viruses. If you?re antivirus software is not updated against the most current viruses that have been created, you are leaving yourself open for attack.

    Set your Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware Update to Automatic & if you are running a slow PC then set it to update once daily.

    Operating System:
    Don?t think your Operating System irrespective of whether it is IOs or windows or even android is 100% secure. Go to Google News & type the keyword ?windows vulnerable? or ?ios vulnerable? you will see several articles posted on the latest vulnerability found in every operating system available out there.

    So what is the solution?

    The only solution is to keep your operating system up-to-date. Make sure your Operating System Auto Update is set to Automatic.

    Web Browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Chrome...):
    Security Vulnerability is also found in popular web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome & Internet Explorer. Below are some of the links providing more info:

    Mozilla Firefox:
    I don?t think I have to say how insecure you would be if you don?t update your Web Browsers.

    Other Important Applications:
    Programs such as Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Microsoft .NET framework, VLC Media Player, Skype, Mozilla thunderbird, Adobe Air & many such applications are vulnerable. The only way to stay safe is to update all your applications as when there is any update made available.

    Software that check for updates:
    I know it sounds like too much work to keep all your programs up-to-date. What if I say you there are both free & paid software out there which will scan for all applications, check & install if there are any updates available. Check below link for best software updating application.

    Below is my opinion about the best free & paid software updating application:

    FileHippo App Manager (FREE)
    This application is provided by FileHippo which is one of the trusted sites out there. I have used this for few months last year. This application is simple, light & easy to use but remember this will not auto install the updates. Set this to check on startup & hide beta version which you will find in settings.

    Ninite Updater ($9.99 per year)
    This is the one I am currently using & I must say this is the best. This will not only check for updates but also install the latest version automatically in the background. Easy to use & nearly click free experience. Below is the link:

    Never save your passwords
    By storing passwords in your web browsers you are making it very easy for the hackers to steal your passwords. Not just your browser, do not save any login information in tool such as FileZilla, CuteFtp, Remote Desktop Client, Instant Messenger like Skype or any other application which requires credentials to use.

    Please use password managers such as RoboForm or Lastpass to manage and save your passwords. They not only help you save passwords of different website but they also save password required to run applications on your desktop.

    Make a habit to check Last Seen
    Important websites such as PayPal, Banking Websites, and other important websites show the time & date of your last login usually found soon after you login. Make a habit of checking it, if it does not match change your password immediately. It hardly takes less than 3 seconds to check.

    Don?t hit NEXT Blindly While Software Installation
    When installing free applications we find adwares such as Ask Toolbar, KM Player, Random Cleaners and 100?s of other adwares bundled with the installer. It is not recommended to install such applications as they not only pop up annoying ads but some of them infect your computer with virus. But, if you really want to install them make sure you click decline when asked to install adware.

    Many such applications can be found in websites like, softpedia & so on. Check below link for more details:

    Why always use VPN
    VPN encrypts your data and hides your physical location from others. When you employ a VPN service, you are completely untraceable and invisible. Hackers use free public Wi-Fi found in coffee shops, banks, malls to infect & steal data.

    Hackers nearby can use a basic adaptor to capture traffic from these networks using a cheap adaptor and a laptop, or even a smartphone. They can capture truckloads of personal information by scanning the bits of data that go through a public Wi-Fi hotspot, a process known as sniffing.

    Using a VPN can protect your personal information, even if you?re logging into a Wi-Fi hotspot set up by a hacker. Many VPN Clients have an option to run VPN at startup make sure you enable it. Check below link for more details:

    Protecting your Email accounts
    If the hacker get access to your email address then it means that he has access to all your SEO application license information, Domains, Hosting accounts, VPS details, your sources of income, & all other sensitive information you can ever imagine.

    Seriously close your eyes & imagine for a while how it would be if someone get access to your main email address. I am sure you will get Goosebumps because every digital product that you purchase online is delivered to your email address. So it is very important & crucial to protect your email address.

    Please follow the below instruction to protect your email address from getting hacked:

    Add account recovery information:
    Add your genuine phone number, recovery email address, secret question without fail you never know when you might get hacked (Touch wood this should not happen). Do not take this lightly. I took this lightly & suffered a lot after losing my gmail account as I did not had any of the information to recovery my account.

    2-Step Verification (Highly recommended):
    2-step verification is an additional layer of security beyond a password. With this feature enabled, after inputting your password you?ll need to enter a code that you?ll receive via text message or voice call. Once signed in, you can set the two-step verification not to ask for a code again on that computer; however, if someone tries to sign in from a different PC, they?ll still be prompted for the verification code. This one feature will ensure almost 100% security of your mail account. This security feature is available in Gmail, Yahoo Mail & Outlook but not found in AOL Mail.

    Never Download Attachment from Unknown Source:
    Imagine you are earning $500 per day & your main email address (one which you use to buy online) is found online. The hacker knows your mail email address & has found out that you are making a lot of money online. Hacker will make a new virus probably a RAT bind it with a .pdf or .doc or .txt file, zip it with WinRAR & send a mail along with the virus in the attachment. The title & the body of the mail would be written in such a way that you would feel like downloading the attachment & opening it. They might send a mail saying that someone has made a transaction of $1000 from your account, details found in the attachment. Do not fall for such mails. They are intended to infect your computer & steal data.

    My small conclusion:
    There is one more truth that you might find disturbing: if a professional hacker really wants to hack into your account, there?s basically no way for you to prevent the attack. However, if you do your best to prevent the possible methods of attacks, then the chance of your account being hacked will be greatly decreased. Usually the thief won?t invest too much time on a random account. Personally I prefer the combination of the 2-step verification, since the thief cannot access your account if he doesn?t have your phone.

    The last stand:
    There are several computer security related forums where experts help you find if there as any virus in your computer. Below is the list of popular forums which will assist you in finding virus:


    There are different types of virus out there. But, you need to be more concerned about two virus types. RAT Virus & Key logger/Password Stealer.
    If you get infected by RAT Virus then the Hacker gets to control your computer just like you do.

    & if got infected by Keylogger/Password Stealer the Hackers gets a copy of everything you type & steals all the passwords saved in your browsers, ftp clients, email clients, messengers & many other applications.

    These viruses are spread using removable media, email attachment, patch/cracks of paid applications, Chat Rooms, changing file extension from .exe to .doc or .ppt or .pdf & so on, infect by visiting malicious websites & several other methods.

    Protect your computer:
    -Install both Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware. Both are not the same & they perform different functions.

    -Run AdwCleaner, RKill, Junkware Removal Tool & RogueKiller once a month. These 4 applications do not auto update. Download every time before running the applications.

    -Average users do not require any third party firewall application. If you want to have better control of your outgoing connections you can use ZoneAlarm or Comdo Firewall.

    -Use Browser Extension such as HTTPS Everywhere, WOT & Better Privacy.

    -Do no use applications such as TuneUp Utilites, System Mechanic, Advanced System Optimizer and other such applications. They make more harm than good. CCleaner is more than enough & Use Revo Uninstaller Pro while removing any applications from your system.

    Best Practices:
    -Hacker always try to find security loopholes in widely used programs to spread virus. New versions often fix security vulnerabilities in older versions of software. Update all your applications as & when they are made available. Your anti-virus, anti-malware, operating system, web browsers, java, pdf reader, Net FrameWork, VLC Player, Mozilla thunderbird, Adobe Air & every other application installed in your system must be kept up-to-date.

    -Use FileHippo App Manager (Free) or Ninite Updater (Paid) to keep all your installed applications up-to-date.

    -Never ever save any passwords in your web browser, ftp clients, Remote Desktop Tool, or any other application which needs credentials to access. Use Roboform or LastPass to manage your passwords.

    -Make a habit to check Last Seen

    -Don?t hit NEXT Blindly While Software Installation

    -Always use VPN

    -Add all email recovery information such as your phone number, recovery email & secret question.

    -Enabling 2-Step Verification is a must which almost gives 100% protection from Hackers. Found in Gmail, Yahoo Mail & OutLook.

    If you are still not banking enough

    I am sure the first few days of your time on BHW would have been very exciting, some wish they would have found the forum a lot earlier, some feel that they have found the best online money making forum and so on. But, there are only a few who end up making serious money. If you are not one among the few, keep reading:

    Don?t spend too much time on BHW:
    Yes, you heard it right. I am banking some serious money and none of this would have ever happen without BHW. It contains all the information one would ever need to become a successful Internet Marketer provided you implement what you learnt here. I understand this forum sometimes tempts you, tempts you to keep reading. Reading every sub forum on BHW. But, remember what you know is not what makes money, but what you make out of it.

    Give your own Twist:
    You will find 100?s of online money making ideas & methods here on BHW which is accessible to all the members of the forum. Try to give it your own twist, do research both inside & outside BHW, improvise the method shared & then finally implement the idea. By giving your own twist you might even end earning more than the OP. Don?t just blindly do exactly as what?s been shared. You will find several member of this forum who ask stupid questions & follow exactly the same niche show in the method when there is infinite number of niches out there.

    Using the online money making method shared in the below link. I try give it my own twist.

    To put it short you need to attach a PPI application to a wallpaper installing application & upload the final installer to websites like & When someone installs the installer you get paid.

    If you read the replies posted you will find many who are using the same niche as OP which is making a wallpaper installer. And if you are doing exactly the same then there are higher chances that it would not work. When & find too many wallpaper installer uploaded they will take a closer look & you will end up making hardly any money & probably you might even give up because it didn?t work & move on to another money making method & repeat the same as above.

    First I would like to thank the OP that he has given us some clue or an idea is to how one can make money using PPI. Now it is your turn to take this like a murder case & perform investigation.

    Here is the twist & little improvisation:
    1. Instead of targeting desktop application. I would try mobile wallpaper apps. If you want to find out the most popular recent mobile games or application go to click on ?browse games? > ?choose game type? & play with the filters on the left side of the page.

    2. Instead of targeting PC game wallpapers. How about we target mobile game wallpaper on desktop.

    3. You can mix this method with Parasite SEO. (Found this while reading the replies on the thread).

    4. Most of the people who use computer don?t know to perform simple technical related tasks such as formatting an external hard-drive, finding duplicate files, removing files from temp folder & so on. Take an advantage of it. Hire someone who could make simple applications & then submit it to sites like

    5. Check the below website:
    This should give you some idea.

    I have come up with 5 different ways to improvise the method shared. I have not done any serious research as I am not interested in PPI right now. By improvising or giving your own twist it will definitely make you stand out in the crowd and make you more money.

    One game at a time
    Don?t take several projects at once & don?t get distracted to other money making methods while you are current working on a project. Today you found a good money making method, you start working on it. Then after few days you read another money making method on BHW and start working on it as well & you slowly forget about the first method you choose to work on. This process of distraction keeps repeating & you never make serious money.

    Take up one project, do all the extra research you can possibly do, improvise the idea, give it your own twist & finally implement & stay consistent until you have outsourced most of your work.

    Consistency is the Key:
    If you gonna ask me one major difference between a successful & unsuccessful people. I would say consistency. It is not your IQ or your intelligence or qualification or beauty that makes you successful. It is how consistent you are in working towards your dreams irrespective of how many times you fail or how hard life gets.

    Take any successful person as an example. If he/she would have stopped working on his/her dream you think they would have been successful? I am sure not. If becoming successful was easy then everyone would have been successful in their life. So if you want to live your dreams, earn big & live life king size stay consistent, improvise, never give up & that day is really not far when you make loads of money.

    Don?t put all Ur eggs in the same basket
    I did the same mistake in the past. I never diversified my income source. Whatever money I earned I use to put it back on the same project again & again making my whole life dependent on just one income source & when I got hacked I lost it all. I saw hell on earth until I got back on my feet again. So if you don?t want to suffer the same as I did then put the money you earn both in your existing profitable project & new projects. So if at any point of time if one of your projects stop working you will have another one making you money leaving less damage.

    BHW has been one of the best things that has ever happen to me. It has given me ample of knowledge, motivation, ideas & everything I ever needed to make money online. It is now my turn to give back something valuable to the forum.

    One thing I always hated is to write articles and believe me this is the first time in my life that I have written a 6K+ words article which took 15 days to complete. Hoping that the content I have shared in this post is much need & has to be taken seriously as I myself have been a victim to cybercrime.

    So please do not take system security lightly & do everything it takes to protect your system, your income & most importantly your dreams.

    Please feel free to share any information not mentioned in this thread regarding security.

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  2. StrixMedia

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    SEO Analyst
    In a competitive world
    This is a must read for each & every member here on BHW. Cyber Crime is increasing day by day so it's very important to take backup & system security must be taken very seriously.

    Thanks for the wonderful share D3.
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  3. RuthSam

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    Home Page:
    Wow, thank you very muc hfor this long and very good post. What interest me is of course what Anti Virus software had you installed while you get that RAT? I checked the website you mentioned and the one I'm using is doing very well it seems, still I'm curious about what you had installed.

    That's something I forgot as well as many do! Thanks for pin point it again.
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  4. javierlo

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    May 9, 2012
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    Wow. What a long post and i just finished to read it all. Amazing information love when you talk abput how to twist the others idias to get money.
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  5. BlackCod

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    Westside Earth
    cheers to your success! alot of good info here.
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  6. johnking200

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    Amazing post and great info...I'm scanning my computer for viruses.
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  7. CrowbarAB

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    I've broken 2 laptops in the past with very, very important information. It's important to run the backup naow... as in before you click the next link!
  8. karam76

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    well i am in your starting position, zero money to invest !
    can you outsource me some work like article writing so that i can also start. i forgot to mention that your post is also very cool and some Moderator should pin it with tag PLEASE READ
  9. sam.hunt0710

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    Owner Of a IT Comapny
    Home Page:
    Thanks for the great info and also for your time which you have taken to write such long and good post.
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  10. IceHD

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    SEO, SEM, HTML5&CSS3 Coder
    Not Romania
    Don't always read long ass posts, but this one, a gem I must say.

    I also got hacked once and lost a money makers, lucky I has on the spot and minimized al the damage, now I have Bit Defender installed everywhere even my phone :)

    Good luck reaching your goals and may you find your way to 10k per day :)
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    Thread of the year... Hats off op... Bookmarked..
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  12. DonnieBrasco

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    Internet Marketer
    Yesterday i contacted 3 fellow BHW users who popped up in some logs i got (RATS/Password Stealer can extract your saved Firefox/Chrome Passes), i got all the login information to their project and could have just overtake all the sites but since we are like family here i decided to contact them (one of them is a donor with a successful service here), send the passwords with a note that they have to format their machine and use lastpass in the future.

    Antivirus doesnt protect you in any way, you can have a file which gets detected 100% on virustotal, after you pay 5$ for crypting service it will look like a completely clean file, i dont use an AV since over 4 years and never got anything stolen, you just have to be careful how to interact with a computer/internet.

    1. [*=center]Use Linux with vmware (windows) for windows software you cant find a alternative for.
      [*=center]Use Lastpass Plugin for your browser, it encrypts all your passwords locally, makes it impossible for hackers to retrieve your passwords.
      [*=center]Dont execute .exe files which are not from a legit source, if you need cracked software look around if there is a technique without using a .exe file (host block for adobe suite for example).

    If you guys want some more tipps on how to protect yourself from Hacking Attempts i could start a thread about.
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  13. oscilay

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    Very useful information and I`m glad you did not give up. Even though it is a long read, it is well worth it. Thanks for taking the time to share this.
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    Thanks a lot for this superb guide...
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    Theatre of dreams :)
    why not man...we would be thrilled to read such informative posts :)
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    Damn dude, that's a huge one.
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  17. IAmFromTheInternet

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    Very good read, and a lot of good security tips.

    One I can add: use virtual machine software when opening files from unofficial sources / other people. The one I use is VirtualBox ( ) .

    This program will create a virtual operating system of your choice (windows, linux etc), which you can run like an application on your desktop.

    So when you run a program through this virtual OS, it works just like when you run it on your own system. But when it turns out to be a virus or installs some trojan, it will not affect your computer in any way, since it was a virtual system to begin with.

    I ALWAYS run a downloaded exe/pdf/doc in my virtual box, this way, you will ALWAYS be protected against any malicious intents from that file.
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  18. mainceaft

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    I used Online Armor since fife years and never had problem . As Geek I almost know every single exe file on my computer they are been since ages on my PC . It was long long time between me and cracks back to 2005 when I tried to install camforg crack hhhh.
    I always use trusted freeware that I know well since I used computers in my beginning 12 years ago .
    since 2010 Most of my time spent On Notepad++ and FireFox no major application i use Except AOE when I bored MPC to watch videos Skype For business meeting and InkScape for some logo banners basic editing last putty to running My VPS basic tasks .
    all you have nice day and take care .
  19. clark123

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    One of the great post I read so far in BHW, thanks DoubleD3.
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    Scary stuff man. Chrome and FF now have ask for a master password before letting you view saved passwords. Can a hacker still manage to steal the passwords?
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