1. DigitalShark

    Parasite indexing

    Which parasite site is best for INSTANT indexing random keyword?
  2. habib39

    A simple idea about parasite ranking

    First open an account in parasite like linked in pulse. if you are looking for exact site just google it using your keyword .you will find a lot of parasites Then write an unique article or video. Article length should be 500words.put your targeted keyword at the first of your article. Use your...
  3. O

    What are some good Parasite pages now ?

    I have not messed around with any parasite page/site properties in a while now, and I know that Internet Marketing/SEO is always changing. So I was wondering if you guys could fill me in on what are some of the good parasite pages currently out there right now ? Thanks
  4. R

    does work as parasites?

    I've seen an old post that says work very well as a parasite and am wondering if it still works? Seems kinda strange doing shady things on a google's website :D
  5. klesl

    Do Parasites still work?

    I read a post about parasites a few years ago, but haven't heard about them recently. Do they still work? Would building a quality PBN to a parasite (FB,YT, etc) work?
  6. Phobos

    [QUOTE ME] Need someone to blast a Parasite to the top (MUST SHOW track record)

    Hey there guys. Going to make this quick. I need someone who can quickly and efficiently blast a parasite I've created to the first page. I've done the on page SEO & built a small foundation of links and some keywords are on page 2-3 already. The KWs are non-competitive and low MS (all are...
  7. P

    Want to know the Implementation of Parasite Hosting ?

    Many sites do implement this parasite technique. Keeping the main site safe and promoting other sites through parasite technique. How to implement this tactic? Need a detailed solution for this. :confused:
  8. blackcatburgular

    Anyone had any luck with Parasite SEO?

    I have tried on numerous platforms both targeting high and low competition and had absolutely no success. I have no trouble ranking my own websites, but when trying to see some quick increase on parasites, I just can't seem to get any movement! I have tried: Press Releases Business...
  9. natedogg

    Parasite Working With Fiverr Gigs!

    Hey, So I been experimenting with Just Fiverr gigs for parasite websites and been ranking pretty fast (1 month) for these rankings below. I spent a total of $30 on Fiverr to get these rankings. First I start with a blast of social shares for a fake viral but I do not include google plus (don't...
  10. itsjinx

    301 High Authority Parasite Pages

    For those of you experienced in 301ing, I am genuinely wondering if any benefit can be gained by 301ing a page from a high authority website to a money site? For example, take these 3 very high authority websites: 1. 2. 3. Now...
  11. T

    [Journey] 17 Year Old's Journey with PPI + 32,000 Parasites

    February 5th 2015: Hello blackhatworld, Today I begin my journey with PPI and parasites. I've never done PPI before, But I feel like it is the right choice for the niche I'm targeting (File downloads) I'm going to be using Amonetize and Installpath (Currently waiting for acceptance) I found a...
  12. J

    Parasite SEO Test - Ranking 6 parasites using SAPE, PBNs & Spamfinity

    Hi, I'm new to BlackHatWorld. I'm doing a test on 6 different parasites targeting the same keyword to see which parasites rank, if any. I need your feedback on the parasites I have selected. If you think there are better options out there, let me know. Alternatively, if you think it's a...
  13. T

    [17 Year Old] My Journey - CPA + 400 Unique Parasites!

    Hey guys, I am going to be making 400 unique parasites (I figured why make 1, why not 400?), Each targeting around 5 keywords. I will be monetizing the traffic with a content locker. I have had great rankings in the past with the particular parasite I am using...
  14. T

    17 Years Old - My Journey - CPA + 'Parasites'

    Hey guys, I am going to make 100 'parasites' (A website that leeches off the authority and credibility of its host domain). I figure if I make 100 of them there will be a higher chance of me succeeding as i'm not "putting all my eggs in one basket". Each 'parasite' will be optimized via a CPA...
  15. R

    Questions about Parasite Pages, Re-directs, picking expired domains. NOOB questions?

    Hi everyone, i'm going to try my hand at ranking a few parasite pages on multiple platforms blogger/wordpress/prwebs (maybe?, suggestions welcome) on some low comp. words (for practice :cool:). I will be mainly using GSA SER + CB/DeathByCaptcha + AVS data packs (campaign set up with emails and...
  16. sudorank

    [Method] Building Parasite Pages, Sudo Style

    Authority is everything these days, new websites take months to rank and even then a simple negative seo attack is all that's needed to stop a fledgling site in its tracks. It doesn't have to be like this however, instead of just ranking your money site imagine if you could rank other websites...
  17. Z

    parasite page

    If you could access to one million of parasites accounts on top plateforms (,,, DailyStrength, Wallinside, Zimbio, LiveJournal, SOSBlogs, Journalhome, Newsvine, Quizilla/Teennick, Skyrock, Webs, FC2, GetJealous, OpenDiary, Jimdo, Fotki, Experience Project, Nexopia...
  18. B

    Parasit Video frozen! How to unlock frozen video? thanks for help original block on yb=] france Gesellschaft...
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