parasite backlinks

  1. D

    Expired domains with Reddit parasite SEO

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has experience with juicing up a subreddit or reddit post on Reddit using expired domains. Was it successful, was the expired domain relevant to the niche of the subreddit and how did you do it?
  2. blobee

    Asia one, or Outlookindia?

    im currently looking for some parasite seo links for my website, i have 2 sellers selling asiaone and outlook india around the same price and was wondering which i should pick?
  3. A

    How do you rank articles on parasites?

    Hello all, I have published a top notch article on Forbes pointing to my site. So far whatever I read is you just need to publish a good article on these parasites and they will rank without backlinks. But this doesn't looks tobe true now. It's been more than 2 months and the article is not even...
  4. fagstv

    How people index feedbackportal microsoft com?

    Hello Gurus, How people index feedbackportal microsoft com? im already try tier backlinks but urls not index.
  5. King of the Pirates

    [eBook] ⭐ Parasite SEO Underground - Unleash the power of Parasite SEO and take to the underground ⭐Free & Paid Authority Sites Campaign...

    NO MORE FANCY OR HEROIC DESIGN Tired of finding good authority sites?? Scared to spend $500 up to $X, XXX for a single post?? You don't need to spend $500 and up to post on outlookIndia, You don't need to spend $X, XXX and up to post on Forbres You don't need to...
  6. bitvalentine

    What are the top-performing parasite SEO sites for 2023-2024? [Updated List]

    I've been researching the best Parasite SEO websites to post your articles. If you know more places to post, please comment. 1. Medium Medium emerges as a dynamic platform, providing a conducive environment for publishing content and targeting specific keywords with precision. It has a lively...
  7. A

    Parasite SEO Secrets by Charles Floate Course is it even worth it?

    Have anyone seen this course? I am thinking of buying gb, not paying a full price. But is this course worth even few dollars?
  8. Focused99

    Building Links to Parasite Posts

    Hey, guys. I've noticed lately that some of my parasite posts are being outranked purely due to backlinks. My parasite posts have way better on page, I just have to send more links to them. What's your process for sending links to parasite posts? It obviously seems that quality links don't...
  9. javadth

    Does any paid or free indexer work for parasites?

    Does any paid or free indexer work for parasite?
  10. jonessaha

    SPAMDEXING Backlinks

    Hello guys I need to index my backlinks real fast ( in minutes maximum 2 - 3 hours ) Can someone share a trick to index instant i was indexing using a news forum now they closed it a blackhat method please I already know all the whitehat ways also the blackhat tricks like ( reddit -...
  11. S

    Parasite SEO and its use

    What is parasite SEO and where can it be used?
  12. Y

    Parasite ranking on google - PBNs?

    I am looking to rank a parasite article on Google. I am close to the top on Google, (in the 3rd place right now) but looking to get to nr1 spot. I have heard that quality PBN backlinks should do the job. The thing is - where can I get niche based quality PBNs? If anyone has another idea on...
  13. Kasigazi

    The power of shopify store parasites

    How is he planting parasites of shopify shops
  14. ATuringtest

    [Journey] New Parasites project using 500 High DA Do follow backlinks to rank brand new Micro Niche site.

    You all know how I love my parasites So, this is a simple introduction to my journey. I bought a Micro Niche Site, should get it soon. I’m going to sift through the top parasite backlinking posts on here and find the best I can, hand craft them. Then maybe 3 tier them with GSA Ser. Share...
  15. hims.000

    New Web 2.0 / parasite list 2021 ? Lets disucuss

    Hi i have read so many article about web 2.0 . Most of them are not updated their list. I want to know is there any new web2. 0 link are available for 2021 . Because most people are posting the old links on various blog. In comment section share your ideas. Or list. It will be helpful for...
  16. hims.000

    Parasites is it works in 2021? Lets discuss

    I have read an article about parasite. But still some doubts is it works in 2021 or not ? Where i can get all the parasite list? Share your experience and knowledge. Thank you ☺️
  17. RooT-00

    How to index and rank a parasite for low/med competition [In Details] ?

    Hi there, I'm fairly new to parasite seo and I have a small question How to index a parasite? What kind of links should I send to it? Can you explain this in detail, please? Thanks
  18. R

    Fresh ecom not well index 2 weeks after sitemap submission

    Hello, i submit sitemap for a fresh ecom but after 2 weeks still only 3 pages (out of 20) got indexed. To help the branding, i bought a press release last week, and some PR appear when i type my brand name. Question: How do you make GG index all pages fast ? I was thinking doing some...
  19. Olivia grace

    parasite anchor text

    i'm going to try parasite to my new amazon review site. previously i tried medium with generated content and medium difficulty keyword. but it won't work well. so this time i'm going to try with low competitive keyword and unique human written article. my question is which text should i...
  20. ATuringtest

    [Case Study] Medium Post + Ripped (UnSpun) Content + 50k-Plus Trash Backlinks|Med Comp LTKW SERP #1

    [Forward] After a busy July, I had some spare capacity on one of my servers and decided to run a new case study. Now I have had over 12 months experience of working with Parasite Backlink’s, my methodology/strategy is starting to become more simplified and for the most part, I believe...
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