1. Norman_drey

    is it okay for not paraphrasing chatgpt written content?

    just make good content with ChatGpt add some human touch use Grammarly to correct some errors and hit the publish button, anything wrong with that? i was thinking it'll be a bad or better to use quilbot to paraphrase after writing, what do you think?
  2. D

    What settings would you use for Pegasus paraphrase, to get the most conservative rewriting? One that changes the original text the least

    I am wondering what settings people can suggest for Pegasus Paraphrase, to get the most conservative results. In other words, settings that will result in the input text being rewritten, but with only minor changes. As I understand it, "temperature" governs randomness/creativity of the...
  3. M

    Does anyone know of a good article spinner / rewriter / paraphrasing software like Wordai for German language

    Hello, My search on google did not produce much results on something like Wordai or Quillbot for articles in German language. The only one I found was but they do not have a trial and I would like to know whether it is worth signing up. Thanks in advance for your kind support.
  4. Guybrushthepirate

    Best AI rewriting tool

    Please, vote only if you have actually tried at least one of the tools.
  5. noellarkin

    Running Parrot Paraphraser as a local service/API (Windows)

    I'm playing around with Parrot Paraphraser, and have got it working on my computer. However, every time I run a .py with it, it takes a while for the paraphraser to initialize..also, most of my workflow doesn't involve python, so I'll have to repeatedly call it via cmd, making the paraphraser...
  6. D

    Can PHP Rubix ML or PHP ML libraries be used for text generation or paraphrasing?

    I found a couple of PHP libraries for machine learning, Rubix ML and PHP ML. I looked through their features and projects, but didn't recognize anything that sounded like text generation, or paraphrasing. Ala GPT, or Pegasus paraphrase. Do these PHP machine learning libraries have any projects...
  7. Cognitive

    Paraphrase and Enhance Content. Is it a good idea?

    We're experimenting with a new AI system (multiple AI models working together) that is able to not only paraphrase but also enhance the content. The goal here is to make the AI "understand" the main ideas of each paragraph in an article and write a new paragraph with a different structure and...
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