page title

  1. A

    Page Title, Focus Keyword, Slug and Meta Description with same keyword?

    is it good way if I started meta tags like The Page Title, Focus Keyword, Slug and Meta Description all with the same Keyword/s. Please response? TIA!
  2. hckone

    How to grab page title?

    Hi to all! Can someone please tell me and knows how to grab page title and post that title to the same page?? I have basic HTML but can't find the solution. Thanks!
  3. Milky Way Links

    What is the best way to use page title and description meta tag?

    Dear experts, I'm new with SEO Basics and I would like to know what is the easiest way to add page title and description meta tag? All my websites use WP script and presently I'm using the free WP plugin Yoast SEO to add a page title and description meta tag on my major web pages and posts...
  4. J

    SERPs not indexing my title tag

    I am having a problem with one of the websites I?m trying to rank for. This is a big issue because Google is ignoring the homepage title tag I?m using and just putting something else, which is not using all the ~70 characters I get at my disposition. Shortening my chances to optimize my title...
  5. Schindler

    Page title

    Hey, If I change the page titles of different pages on my website will it effect the SERP of my website ? Please write if you have experienced it. Thank you Good day
  6. egomOnia

    Wordpress - "php if in_title"

    Is there some way to check if there's a certain keyword in a wordpress post title? According to the wordpress codex, there are functions like is_category, in_category or has_tags to check if a post is in a certain category or uses specific tags. But I need something like an "in_title" function...
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