page rank changes

  1. D

    Is there Any Software or Site which Can Check Page Rank History of a Website @free f cost?

    hi members, may be this questions are silly for you but this are very important for me; as i want to check my moneysite's page-ranking graph(in Google, Yahoo, Bing) regularly. as i want to hire some seo-service providers for my new moneysite from next month. so i need to know this - " Is...
  2. kbklash

    Google Page Rank Updated on 4 February 2013

    How is worked for you. for me, one dropped and other the same ranking.Not a hike Interesting fact is that,Some of my inner pages rank moved eventually,But no change on main site Page rank.I am still happy that Google recons me site as a valid one.How about yours?? :)
  3. sfidirectory

    2 week old site already PR3?!

    Hey everyone, Just checked the Page Rank of my site (in signature) and I am seeing it has a PR of 3... Am thinking this is VERY weird since I only bought the domain name about 2 weeks ago. Am thinking this is because of Google dancing, although I have been steadily and consistently building...
  4. dr_0x

    Bulk Page Rank Checker

    I made this bulk page rank checker today. It is totally free so enjoy! Bulk Page Rank Checker
  5. aldragon

    Gow long does PR Take

    My case: just finished buiding a website, got lucky and bought 2 active domains that the owners didn't renew 1 PR7 1PR4 . The PR4 is very active but the guy didn't have any more time nor interest to run it. If I do do follow links to the main page how long would it take to my website to rank at...
  6. crack_dhat

    Next PR Update?

    When will be the next PR update?
  7. K

    Page rank changes on diffrent Browser

    HI All, I have noticed that Page rank change on different Browsers if same key word is used i have tested the same on IE, FF, Crome. And also i have tried the same on different systems but the result is same as above. thus making my SEO effort invalid. Thanks & Regards Kevin
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