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    Who does PAD file backlinking? Advice Please

    I've just been reading up on PAD file backlinking and was wondering how important is the quality of the program to be submitted? Can it simply be a powerpoint, toolbar, calculator or does it need to be something more complicated or interesting to be approved? I know many are auto-approved...
  2. P

    PAD XML Software Submission Services Only 19,95

    PAD XML Software Submission Services Only 19,95 We will manually submit your software to ALL (1100+) software directories. Did you know? How to increase the number of downloads for your evaluation versions? How to generate more sales for your software? How to bring more customers...
  3. O

    About PAD Files

    Hi What is the best software for submission PAD files? Robosoft or GSA Auto SoftSubmit?
  4. O

    PAD files

    Hi, I need help please? Where I can find software for submitting PAD files (software)? What software can I use?
  5. T

    Pad submitter softwear ? Need it

    Anybody can share a PAD submitter software, I need to submit some links, wups screensavers and I need the submitter software. Thanks if anybody can help
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