pad files

  1. U

    Good PAD Submitter?

    I am shopping for a automated PAD file submitter for my software and I am sort of between a rock and a hard place. I noticed that most of them are yearly subscriptions (because I guess the websites change all the time) but they don't list a price for how much it is to renew and when I contact...
  2. D

    Who does PAD file backlinking? Advice Please

    I've just been reading up on PAD file backlinking and was wondering how important is the quality of the program to be submitted? Can it simply be a powerpoint, toolbar, calculator or does it need to be something more complicated or interesting to be approved? I know many are auto-approved...
  3. amsterdamned

    Good PAD Submission software?

    Anyone know a good PAD file submission software that also uploads to the quality directories? THANKS.
  4. eNdl

    >> Need XML Pad File Created <<

    Looking to hire someone who's familiar with creating XML pad files with the proper information so I can submit software across different software directories and get my .exe popular. Anyone interested P.M. me.
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