Good PAD Submitter?

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    May 12, 2012
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    I am shopping for a automated PAD file submitter for my software and I am sort of between a rock and a hard place. I noticed that most of them are yearly subscriptions (because I guess the websites change all the time) but they don't list a price for how much it is to renew and when I contact them about it they just say "when the year is up then maybe we can work out a price". So I'm assuming you just have to pay full price again? I was looking at PAD Submit Worker and the CAPTCHA support is pretty limited (it only works with subscription services like DeathByCaptcha and not software like Captcha Sniper). I was then looking at GSA Auto SoftSubmit and that supports Captcha Sniper but thats twice as expensive as PAD Submit Worker. I was also looking at RoboSoft and that has a built-in CAPTCHA breaker and the price is $99 with 6 months of database updates and then its $8 for each month after that which is actually $147 ($99 + $48) for a 1 year subscription. I was wondering if anyone has any reviews on a good PAD submitter? Or, should I just stick to Fiverr when I want to submit software?