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    Intro (1 Search BPO Process LLP and BVWebhost CEO)

    Hello, My name is Ashok Reddy and I am the founder & CEO of 1 Search BPO Process LLP and BVWebhost. I am learning lot of new things from when i started my outsourcing and web hosting business. 1 Search BPO Process LLP is and outsourcing company and is now running good. My current task to bring...
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    Business Idea: Selling mobile resume websites for profit

    Hi friends, I am a freelance web developer and designer from India. As you know cost of living in India in not very high and subsequently amount that you need to pay for developers is low as well. I am looking for someone who can get me clients from UK, US or Canada that need an online mobile...
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    My Autoblogging Experience: I Need Advice, Please!

    Hi all, I have some questions I cannot find the answer myself. I'm sure they are very easy for you to give me some advice. Let's go with the story: I purchased the MMProfits plugin some months ago, and built 2 sites with around 20 subdomains each. I did my keyword research for the domain...
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