My Autoblogging Experience: I Need Advice, Please!

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by peterhaley, Feb 16, 2011.

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    Hi all, I have some questions I cannot find the answer myself. I'm sure they are very easy for you to give me some advice. Let's go with the story:

    I purchased the MMProfits plugin some months ago, and built 2 sites with around 20 subdomains each. I did my keyword research for the domain names. The sites look pretty good.

    The posting speed was high, so in two-three weeks the sites had like 3000 pages indexed in G. At that point I saw that the velocity of deindexing pages was like 200 per day. I stopped the pluging, the pages were reindexed (i don't know if there is a relationship here) and now one site has 1650 indexed pages and the other one 2770 exactly. I am receiving a ridiculous amount of traffic: 95 and 38 page views last month, respectively. No bactlinking work at all. Adsense and CB ads on them.


    1) Would you run a backlinking campaign and see what happens? if yes, some suggestions? What about outsourcing the job?

    My experience with xrumer was not good. I purchased xrumer service here at this forum for three sites and all three were deindexed in a matter of 3 days. Gray bar and n/a PR for them since then. So i would like to try other safer options.

    2) What about installing the uniquefier plugin?

    3) The sites look so great that I resist to believe autoblogging does not work. I am sure it works. But, what to do for my sites to work?

    Well, that's it! I will really appreciate your advice on that?

    Thanks so much.