1. N

    Need Original Traffic from Germany

    Hi, Im looking for someone to bring original traffic (unique) from Germany. Need 50-200 users a day to the link i provide, stay and scroll thru for few minutes, goto home page and exit. If someone can provide this service, please let me know. Thanks.
  2. speedie

    Are your business testimonials fake?

    Hey guys, What do you think about fake testimonials? Can you get sued for it? Does it matter whether you use fake testimonials even when your product is top-notch in the market and over-delivers what it promise.
  3. 2colt5

    Youtube Monster Question?

    Hey guys, i'm getting everything in place to start my first youtube channel. I am pretty stoked about it, and feel as if I've came up with a pretty good, and unique idea. My question is when I start uploading videos, should I let them grow 100 percent organic? Or should I boost the views with...
  4. Jessica zhang

    Can Google distinguish who is the original article

    If i copy an article from a website, and put it on my blog with unfollow tag, can google distinguish who is the original article? what a about a copy img? i'm a newcomer here, still confused with such things, thanks for
  5. mate246

    Better than expected. Need help!

    I have started a blog in a specific niche with the goal of making passive income. I have written 5-6 articles by my own plus having an affiliate review page. I thought it will get some views here and there but nothing too drastic, I thought I am not providing value at all I use a fake...
  6. S

    hello im new here

    hi im new and i want to do original content for a team.
  7. M

    How to make original content for your blog

    Hi, Many people want to blog, but they don't have the inspiration. Sadly enough, i'm one of those... Last week I came up an idea. This method only works for people which are non-english or for people with a huge language knowledge. Ok, first of all, start a blog (in english) about a subject...
  8. T

    Looking for JV Article Writer

    Hey everyone, if you have been struggling to get good content up on AC because you're either not from the U.S. or don't feel like entering your tax information with your social security number, I have the solution. I'm willing to use my phone verified and W-9 submitted account (articles get...
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