original content

  1. LeftyLuke

    [OC content on Reddit] Does that still do something other then it is a tag?

    I wonder about this from a subreddit and personal user point of view, does it do anything still? You can enable the setting on old reddit for example if you want redditors to have that option. Also there used to be a feed /original_content or something but that doesn't work anymore. Any...
  2. robin222

    Questions about the original content of product pages on e-commerce websites

    The product description content of my website is copied from Amazon, this result will cause the content to be plagiarized by Google. How should we solve this situation? Is there any good solution?
  3. Sephiroth13

    Can I use a content spinner and then rewrite it to pose as original content?

    Hi, Right off the bat, sorry if this is the wrong forum section to post this in. To your knowledge, will my blog page be indexed by google or will I receive a penalty If I spin a couple of other blog articles, make one large article and rewrite a few sentences so It can all make sense? The...
  4. cityelife

    Seeking an experienced writer to create original blog articles (In English)

    Hey, How are you? We are looking for an experienced writer to create original articles (In English) about Tech Niche(headphones/headsets/games) Attractive Article Tile with original high quality content & SEO Writing All content must be hand-written and orignial, NO ANY Plagiarism Each article...
  5. AssadBabil

    Road to success...

  6. K

    Looking for IM and SEOS to promote my Original, Handwritten, High Quality Bulk writing gig

    Hello, I am looking for people who have clients or they themselves are interested in Content Article Writing Services in English, Spanish or German. I am currently offering 10 500-700 word articles on any niche (never spun or anything like that) for $37 via Source Market (High End SEO gig...
  7. K

    No Unique Content Yet Ranks Almost Every Term

    I am referring to the quote site Brainy Quote. There is no original or unique content. All the content is available in the Internet. Yet, this site is ranked for number one in almost all the terms, like ability quotes, love quotes, etc. I don't think it is penalized by Google. It has lots of...
  8. K

    Free Articles???... Yes

    Hey guys, so I've been tasked with writing 3000 words on just about anything for my creative writing class, so I figured why not give out 10- 300 word articles, for free. Here's how it's going to work, send me your title, keyword, and how many times the keyword should appear. These will be...
  9. M

    Original content vs Backlinks??

    Hi guys I have a business and my only way to get clients is thru internet. The keywords i am fighting for is a very popular one and my competitors wont be cheap to pay SEO experts just to get on top. Now thru backlinks from forums and local pages i have managed in 8 months to stay on the first...
  10. Tseng

    {[ ARTICLE WRITING SERVICE ]} Professional High Quality Content for Low Competitive Rates

    Tseng & RedKing's {[ ARTICLE WRITING SERVICE ]} Why outsource with sketchy, unreliable, and unsatisfying freelance writers? Do the smart thing instead, put your trust in our highly recommended and affordable writing service to assure you're provided with the most professional and highest...
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