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    organize facebook friends by categories

    I use facebook to connect with friends from different countries,however, I want to organize them in categories or lists by country and see them when they are online. For example if I have 4 friends from UK, I will see them in the list of UK and know they are online... I'm sure there's a way out...
  2. N

    How do you stay organized?

    I was just wondering what everyone does to keep track of all their usernames, passwords, articles, keywords..... for each project. I've found that staying organized and remembering everything is a big issue. I usually just keep everything for each project in 1 excel file. I have different...
  3. D

    Organizing your Internet business....

    Hey all, I was just wondering - what do YOU think are the most important things when it comes to organizing your internet business? You know, stuff like... manage domains todo lists finances contacts schedules and so on What do YOU think is the most important thing to manage, organize and...
  4. T

    Common programs that Internet Marketers use??

    hi everyone, im just wondering what programs does Internet marketers use in the following... 1. Handling of all accounts not just email accounts, but usernames from forums etc?? ( because i know you guys have lots of accounts that has different pass and being organize is essential ) 2. task...
  5. G

    Tools To Help Noobs Get Organized

    I've been working a combination of Black Hat & White Hat stuff for the past year. Aside from my e-whoring, which has been a tremendous $$ maker, the rest of my projects have been a complete mess. Mainly due to the fact I tried to start too many different ideas at the same time instead of...
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