1. William702

    Vegas is already too hot! Moving to Oregon and need advice

    Vegas has already topped 100F so it's time to leave for the summer. I'll probably not come back until Ungagged. Thinking of heading off tonight when its cooler so that I can drive the Nevada desert part and be in Reno before it heats up again. Were taking the hooptie because we will be camping...
  2. Jhon92

    Need Yelp Reviews from Oregon

    I want to buy yelp reviews from Oregon And I will pay you $10 per review Note=you will get paid after 7 days
  3. B

    Interested in Yelp review trade - sick of their extortion!

    So i spend 800mo with yelp for a small business. 4/5 of my clients reviews are "not recommended" because most of them don't really use yelp very often. Really erks me to pay so much, and not be able to get someone from yelp to confirm good reviews. Nonetheless; looking to trade a few with a few...
  4. Seariz

    Seattle And/Or Portland

    I'm wanting to start a Blackhat Seattle and or Portland Guild. Get together, share, learn, pwn newbs, you know - the usual. I spend a LOT of time in Portland, as I live pretty close. But I end up driving to seattle a couple times a month at least, wouldn't mind making it more frequent if I...
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