order form submit

  1. BringBacklink

    Online forms or direct order through email? Your choice?

    As starting up new marketplace thread bring me too much overthinking pros and cons of each method before executing it, So! i am just exploring and observing most of sales threads their order receiving methods obviously there is 2 or 3 most used methods like through email/inbox, through online...
  2. sfidirectory

    Need help with Javascript + html ordering form

    Hi everyone, So this is my first real crack at Javascript, for this example I have tried to make an order form with Javascript that does the client-side validation of form fields. What I am wanting to do is when the user selects a "quantity" from the dropdown menu, the subtotal is automatically...
  3. michaelwesten

    9 Order form submits = 1 sale? WTH?

    Just checked my Clickbank account and it says Order Form Submit Count 9 Initial Sales Count 1 Does that mean 8 people got their cards declined? WTF? :confused: How's that possible? :confused:
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