1. C

    create optin

    Hello I apologize if in wrong category. I am in the process of setting up an affiliate ppc campaign. I would like to know how to do the following. Add a link to my landing page that captures their email address and at the same time sends them to the offer and that they understand the publisher...
  2. speedhawk45

    would long form content have a higher page bounce rate?

    I do understand that long form content is obviously awesome if it's value packed not only can you have a better email opt-in rate, but the content will make the site be seen as an actual authority. but i was thinking, wouldn't the user get annoyed by the giant ass content then compared to a...
  3. D

    How much does your email leads cost?

    first things first: i am not selling nor interested in buying anything tomorrow marks the 1st month of me building my double optin leads at aweber getting 15-20 subs a day and i have also made little money out of it. ive heard people saying to treat every lead as $10 so if you have 1000 leads...
  4. Snoopp

    MailChimp form with single opt-in (API)

    How to easily make MailChimp API form without double opt-in? Using their API is hard for people with no coding skills and 3rd party tools like POWr or Privy don't have option to disable MailChimp double opt-in.
  5. gameofbuzz

    How to design Opt in form to generate leads ?

    I want to design an opt-in form for my blog and I don't know how to do it. Please see the following image, this is exactly what I need.
  6. dreadpixel

    About Freebies and Giveaways limitation to Opt-IN

    Greetings everyone. I am a little dissapointed with the community with this limitation of not letting us Opt-in on Freebies section only if you are the developer or creator of what you are giving away. Many of us need this to just know who is interested on what you are giving away. BHW has many...
  7. D

    WHOIS 115M+ Full Registrar Records, Ultimate B2b list! Market to the ENTIRE Internet!

    WHOIS 115M+ Full Registrar Records, the Ultimate B2b list! Market to the ENTIRE Internet for just 1500 At Data4Marketers we will show you much more! Custom SELECTs also available- Filter by COUNTRY/STATE, domain 'Keywords', contact us! If you have a request, we can help you with it!
  8. A

    Google Friendly Opt-in Forms?

    hey guys and girls I have a quick question for you guys. I was gonna test out an pop up optin form (either OptinPop or PopupDomination) on my blog and get rid of the SqueezeBoss theme. what do you guys think SEO wise? would it effect my rankings? if yes what type of optin would you recommend to...
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