1. Ghient

    2000+ unique visitors per day - Adsense failing hard. Ideas?

    Hi everyone, After messing around with my website for almost a year now I finally rank number 1 for my keyword. This keyword brings me 2000+ unique visitors every day. I'm using Adsense responsive ads in three different positions: above the fold, sidebar & after content. The ads only make me...
  2. R

    I'm quite lost... Just started my site

    I just started my site last week and the GFX guy is currently customizing my site at the moment. Don't know why he's taking soo long but alright I guess so. Anyways last time I've checked my domain name has the exact niche keyword that I am competing in. ALSO I have the .com of it to :) But...
  3. J

    What's your SEO optimization strategy?

    What do you guys do for the best onpage SEO optimization? I use SEO Pressor to do my posts, I change my permalinks structure, add a image with ALT to each post, and install AIO plugin and modify it. That's about it. Anything else I am missing?
  4. T

    I need help setting up CPA-programs - will pay you

    I represent a company about to enter the US CPA-market with a digital business model. We have online promotions and good conversion rates to pay but need help in setting us up with the most efficient CPA-networks in the US. We need help in identifying, analyzing, setting-up and maybe initially...
  5. K

    Which Keyword tool is easy and reliable to use?

    I am creating a blog , but i am not sure about keywords. I tried a few free services but i am not sure how to implement it into the blog.
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