1. The Hierarchical 1

    Dirty ways of dealing with the competition in an online/offline business?

    Hey, On a serious and realistic note - imagine that you run a legal offline/online business. One of your competitors have decided to be a snake behind your back, even though, you both have an informal agreement on that one specific thing. If we put the principles and tolerance aside since the...
  2. B

    Thoughts on a Potential Ambient Music YouTube Idea

    This is a low-effort thing. Not quite automated but near as dammit. I wanted to get your opinions on whether it seems worth that low effort. So here's the plan. "Ambient Music" channels are pretty popular. I've found myself using them a lot recently while I hammer out endless writing gigs...
  3. Zumi

    AAFX Trading reviews and opinions

    I'm currently working on various negotiations, so I spend most of the time waiting for client responses and want to turn that time to something more profitable. Googled a lot about brokers, AAFX was the advice given me by the guy who trades himslef there, but I'm afraid to invest and lose...
  4. Digital Pro

    Does Anyone Have Any Reviews On KingTube WP

    Just checking to see if anyone has any experience or reviews with KingTube WP. I have been looking at them for my project for this new year. It seems like a pretty basic system, but would like to get some input if anyone has used the system before. Also, Is it better to buy the entire package...
  5. N

    Please, is this domain (Legits.net) good for a review website

    Hi friends, I have these domain names legits(dot)net, legitimate.online, scripthive(dot)com and lastingweightloss(dot)com. I've been thinking of how I can make money from them rather than selling them. Is any of them good for review site
  6. lewo

    Advice / Opinion Wanted

    Hi BHW, First and foremost, I’m not asking for people to divulge the niche they’re in.....I’m simply interested in if people run a comparison website, how profitable this business model is and any thoughts on them. Thanks in advance
  7. UniQuE7

    Best place to sell High Designer Items?

    I'm looking for a Good place to sell a high-end designer bag, doing it as a favor for someone. It's brand new and retail price is over $1k. Not trying to sell it on eBay cause of the potential flag my PayPal might get if i try to sell it for $700 on up. I did some research on eBay though and...
  8. HelloBTCMINER

    [HELP] I am stuck in newbieland. Period.

    Hello Blackhatters, I have a question for you guys, Where you find yourself on internet when you are not on BlackHatWorld.com PLEASE don't say pornhub :p.
  9. HenryObi

    Don't You Think Adsense Should Pay Users Who Were Banned For Minor Violations?

    Hi I created a thread some days ago about adsense banning my account on the 21st 2 hours after sending me a payment email and I was asking if anyone knows whether I'll be paid or not. I was paid. Here's a link to the thread>>...
  10. PocketAce

    What's your opinion on Nicehash?

    I've been using Nicehash to mine for some BTC, as from many places online (but not BHW), they recommend to use Nicehash. Overall, I obtain around $5 USD a day. I know about the controversies with the stolen 60 million dollars of BTC from Nicehash, but I want to know BHW's opinion. Is this...
  11. bbbb bbbb

    How to monetize FaceBook???

    I been seeing ppl on my timeline saying to get your FB monetized...And of course they're just saying it and not explaining how...So my ? is how is this done?...and as a beat maker / gfx designer what might be my best route in your opinion??
  12. LinkBuildingServices

    How do you get the latest news? (Facebook, blogs, subscriptions, forums, etc.)

    There are so many sources of information that at times it is really tough to read all those emails in your inbox, blog articles on popular websites, scroll your social networks news feed till the end etc.? Where do you actually read SEO and world news?
  13. ms.kissgoddess

    nned your opinion guys :)

    where can i buy good instagram followers perhaps 20k or more .. and how much would it cost usually? im really trying to gather good numbers of followers and this is new to me so i guess i needed more opinions before buying . thanks in advance guys! c:
  14. F

    Help and opinions on a wholesaler site

    Hello, my name is Jacob. I am a CEO at a website mainly oriented towards dropshipping. I am considering to sell spy gear(Spy camera, invisible ink etc.) I have two options: Ankaka and Pimall. Now the question part. Are these sites good? Which would recommend? Are they scammy? Have you ever...
  15. F

    Can I earn 3$ a day with mp3 search engine?

    Hi everybody! I'm a noob in IM but in the past I earned a few $$$ a day using Adsense and other CPC networks. I started with a news blog, then I switched to a tv streaming site and now decided to close it due to loss off traffic and lower revenues. I'm looking for automatic content generators...
  16. U

    Whats the best thing you got/purchased on BHW?

    Just wanted to take a poll on what the best thing(s) you bought (or got for free) here on BHW? Why is it so special? I'll start with GSA Search Engine Ranker + Captcha Sniper. GSA has greatly helped improve my backlinks and Captcha Sniper has saved me tons of money from other captcha services.
  17. N

    Any suggestions start at $50

    Hi I like to invest $50 via paypal..But I need sure income via on that..can anyone have any suggestions???
  18. A

    Respected BHW Members - Reviews, Opinions, Suggestions please

    I am almost finished with a site that I have put together, based upon the fitness market, and more so the equipment. I managed to get a relatively good domain name (well I think so at least) from an auction and have installed a Joomla site, with virtuemart and custom theme. I would be...
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