1. S

    OPEN AI Request/Response problem

    I am constantly getting an error when requesting data from the Open API GPT using Java, even after I create a new API. String openaiApiKey = "My API"; String model = "text-davinci-002"; String prompt = "Write an article based on the following article: " + article; String...
  2. KJREDDY247@

    If someone limit other members to see their full profile on BHW...can we trust them?

    When someone posts their services or offers, JV's anything on BHW but still when i want to see their full profile to have a look at their previous activities on BHW forum i sees some profiles show "this person limits.....", ??? Does it mean like we should not trust those people to do a...
  3. richdaddy7

    HELP Instagram freezes and stop when I open followers. Any idea?

    Hi guys, when I open only in my 1 account someone´s followers the app freezes and stop working, I don´t know why. When I open a bigger account and I click on they followers all stop working and my Instagram gonna down. I tried anoher phone same problem. Is this a bug? Other my accounts working...
  4. N

    Facebook video opening a web page?? How they do that

    Hello everyone, I am unsure if this behaviour is legal or not in terms of google adsense/facebook policies.. But can you guys please take a look at that facebook page ( use your smartphone to access the page and click on any of their videos.. You will see a webpage...
  5. Noah Hawryshko

    Need Help with Landing Pages

    Just got a host of accounts banned because Facebook tracked my CPA offer through my OG image. Different domains, same OG image, that's how they tracked it. Right now I'm thinking of three things: 1. Re-hash the OG image x amount of times, where x is the amount of landing pages I have. If this...
  6. B

    Trying to Open an Micro Job Website

    Hi Guys! I really need a good help from your guys of expertise. I am going to buy a wordpress theme for micro job site. Please tell me the procedures to commence the business. I have some questions. 1. Should I have a Virtual Office? 2. Where to find freelancer who will have to work as email...
  7. L

    Bank account

    I need a bank account that does not require SSN to deposit money into. I'm from the United States and know about the patriot act. If anyone can help me with this I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.
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