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  1. TurboFunkyBro

    Experienced OnlyFans Traffic Specialist / Teams needed, RevShare

    Hello Black Hats! We are an OnlyFans agency based in Europe. We've been on the market for past three years now and have no plans to stop, only to expand. We're seeking experienced traffic teams or independent specialists to maximize our models' potential with high-quality leads. ➡️ We offer...
  2. SpyLead

    Case Study: Earning money with Instagram Reels for OnlyFans. A Guide to Working with Short Videos on Social Media.

    Reels are short videos on Instagram, which as of 2024 boasts a monthly audience of 2.23 billion users. Of these, 169 million are Americans. Reels are the perfect traffic source for the OnlyFans vertical, the key is to understand the algorithm of short videos. In this article, we'll show you...
  3. X

    I am looking for someone who can do promotion for onlyfans models

    At the moment we promote the profiles organically via Instagram and TikTok, that's not going too badly. Does anyone have any ideas or offer a service to promote the profiles?
  4. AdaEllington

    My Premium Adult Traffic + Your OnlyFans Models

    Calling all ambitious OnlyFans creators! Are you ready to amplify your reach and boost your revenue? Our premium adult site is seeking talented models like you for a lucrative partnership. What We Offer: Enhanced Visibility Increased Revenue Potential Professional Support Collaborative...
  5. R

    Onlyfans Agency

    hey guys! I'm new to the forum, I don't really know how it works, I would like to open an onlyfans agency, I run adult content with direct traffic, tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, etc. I'm looking to scale my operation by opening an agency, I currently have a blackhat model, I would like to be...
  6. E

    Earning more than 30k a month from my NSFW subreddits

    I hired someone to boost my NSFW subreddits, and I bought many Reddit accounts to moderate, comment, and post in these subreddits. I own aged NSFW subreddits but never knew what to do with them. After boosting, my views skyrocketed from 1,000-5,000 per month to 300,000-400,000, which was...
  7. vokir10

    Promotion of OnlyFans agency

    Hello everyone, I have a question about how you can advertise your onlyfans agency. I'm thinking about Facebook, but there are certain rules there. I can attract people who want to watch the models’ content, but how to properly promote my agency remains a mystery to me
  8. maleOFgroup

    Onlyfans traffic commision/CPA - for Male models

    Looking to hire some help acquiring Onlyfans subs for a couple of my Male models (<top 1%) -Bring in subscribers and get paid -Interested in an ongoing relationship, but open to one-time promotion -Tracking link set up to track performance/payment -Paying through commisons Looking to diversify...
  9. Shawerma

    Onlyfans Subreddit - getting around 50-200 subscribers per day to my model-free page on OnlyFans

    I see a lot of OnlyFans marketers and OFM over here, I would like to share a small subreddit I created only for one model The model I was working with was redheaded and that was the keyword to target for the subreddit name and the titles on the subreddit I had around 50-200 adds on her free OF...
  10. H

    Looking for help with OnlyFans traffic

    I work with 3 models (trans, all around top 1%) and I'm looking for help to increase their traffic. New content is a bit slow so preferably would like to make use of all the pre-existing short NSFW clips and images they have, could also use censor-bars/emojis to make them SFW.
  11. Shawerma

    Making 2000$-3000$ per month promoting my OnlyFans model on Reddit

    This method works with every model out there, you just have to find your niche and do your research, I will share my top tips on how to get traffic to your OnlyFans model page I am still new at this, people make a lot more than this, but I believe I found great tools that can help you too if...
  12. S

    Seeking traffic for onlyfans

    I have a few models on onlyfans Looking for traffic sources, priority is Reddit, but will consider any suggestions
  13. S

    How to run good working IG ads as agency?

    I have always found my creators very difficult via mass DMing or twitter. But now I have more time and more employees for more creators. I want to find an easier way to find creators. I have tried my hand at Instagram ads (via facebook ads manager). I got inspiration from the facebook ads...
  14. alexandrpham

    XVIDEO SITE - Exploring Joint Ventures and Online Money-Making Opportunities

    Hello everyone, I hope this thread finds you well. I am excited to share that my side project related to an online adult content has unexpectedly gained traction. Having recently set up analytics just a few days ago, please take a look at the attached image for more details. I am currently...
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    Fairy Revenue Deck
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    Fairy Revenue Deck
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    Fairy Revenue Deck
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    Fairy Revenue Deck
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    Fairy Revenue Deck
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    Fairy Revenue Deck
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