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  1. A

    Android and iOS in-game cheapest purchase method need.

    Hi, I am a seller who sell game top up in cheap price. Currently PUBG Mobile UC, Garena Free Fire, COD is very popular online game. I have huge customer network who need cheap price in-game recharge. I am looking for a trusted person who can help me out to offer me a very cheap and safe way for...
  2. mainceaft

    Your online game story and transcript and my programming skills

    Every one know games contains two part first the game idea and it story lines , and the game logic / codes that bring these ideas to life . I'll make this looks like you're hiring freelancer programmer for free , so you can ask and tell me everything you want , likes you already paid to me and...
  3. A

    Money making games

    Hey, most of you here are discussing about monetizing your site, ads and click programs, but I couldn't find anything about the money making games online. My friend is playing runescape for a few months now and is getting excited. So, of course, I'm getting interested too :) I kind of have an...
  4. B

    Online games coins or "game cash". (FIFA etc...)

    Hi. I would like to know if there is any provider (like the panels) who provides bulk coins, skins or stuff related to online games. If so could you share it or pm with it. Thank You
  5. Billy Batts

    Tell Me Your Online Game Of Leasurement!

    Probably this thread have been asked a dozen of times but fuck it! Want to see now ;) Now I've played many fucking games since the 80's but these days when it comes to online. Yes! I play League of Legends!! What do you play??
  6. D

    Need help with video game site

    Hello BHW this is my 1st post and my english isnt good, sorry for that. I'm on BHW for long time, i read many posts but never take action, this time is different. I bought a domain and host and i'm starting a web site about video game news with a friend of mine, but i'm having 2 problems at the...