online education

  1. placiddark

    50 Free Time-Limited Udemy Courses - Get Them While They Last

    Here are a few Udemy courses. Some only have a day left so hurry if interested. Happy holidays! 1. Technical Analysis Mastery: Stock Trading, Forex , Investing 2. Fotografía básica con Adobe Lightroom CC 3. Curso de Canva 2021 4. IPhone Photography Taking Better Photo with Your Smartphone...
  2. JuicyLucy

    Is there enough product? Things to consider before picking a niche.

    In my honest opinion, picking a niche is one of the most important steps in business. You are deciding on what are you going to work for the next years. You have to enjoy it, if you won't -> bad things will happen :) On top of that, it can easily determine your upcoming success or failure. So...
  3. CamelCase

    What kind of hosting is required for online education software?

    I need to write an online educational software. And are there any intermediary software hosting the conferences for me? There is a software called Zoom. Can I use it to study on my website? Does it have the necessary APIs? I am waiting for all your necessary suggestions for this work. Thank...