one page website

  1. RealDaddy

    On‐Page SEO: An Actionable Guide for 2018-19

    You’ve got a keyword in mind for which you want to rank. You may even already have a GREAT piece of content. Now how do you ‘optimize’ that page so that Google not only understands what the heck it’s about but also realises that it deserves a place on the first page of the search results...
  2. selembar

    One Page on Page One - single page sites were red flagged?

    On another thread, @Nargil said: "One page PBN sites were okay in 2012. It's not hard to completely filter them out by an algorithm. Red flags all over the place." I am obviously a noobie with near to zero experience and knowledge and I always look up at some trusted members here. However, I am...
  3. N

    1 page web or multi page web

    For adsense targeting web (wordpress) which type is better? one page website or multi page? if you know any good 1 page sample website please share / PM. Still not good idea about how to organize content for both type. On some guide sites says one page sites are good some are saying multiple...