old domain

  1. D

    old domain probelm

    I purchased a domain, but I didn't know it was previously used before buying it. Will this affect my SEO? Do we need to check the history before buying a domain?
  2. korosho

    Maximizing SEO Benefits from a 20-Year-Old Expired Niche Domain: 301 Redirect or Blog Setup?

    Hello, Black Hat World I've recently acquired a domain over 20 years old, and it’s closely related to my niche. Given its age and possible domain authority, I expect it to have a strong SEO advantage, and I want to ensure I'm harnessing its potential to the fullest. The main question is...
  3. razharov

    Your oldest domain performs the best?

    Hey everyone! Been analysing SERPs, about domain ages, and wondered what people on BHW have on this topic. For me my oldest domain is 22 years old, but that isn't in use yet. From the domains is use, weirdly not the oldest ones perform the best, but instead the 5-7 year range is the best...
  4. PHPInjected

    My baby turns 20 today!

    My oldest domain turned 20 years old today. How old is your oldest domain?
  5. Muahaha

    How to use a 9 year old domain?

    Hi guys, I own a domain I bought in the year 2012 and have been using it only for my personal emails and not for any content website, neither used for spamming emails. The domain is not blacklisted. So, right now I'm finally thinking to use the domain. What do you guys suggest? Would it be...
  6. Dark Hat 007

    [HOT] Expired Domain, new domain or Sub-domain Which is better for Amazon affiliate?

    I want to start an Amazon site, I have a domain in the entertainment and music niche. It has a DA of 20 and has been here for 2½ Years. Should I create a sub domain under it and start my affiliate journey or I buy an expired or new domain?
  7. lintero

    Find Old Domains With Backlinks Very Easy

    What's Up Boyz ! As you Can See on The title. From Now, you Can Find Old Domains Very Easy. Here is the website that Gives You Expired domains, there is a Huge Data overthere and they are always Updating Their Data, ( Adding Like 1K+ Expired Domains a Day ) they do have Over 4 Million...
  8. javadth

    question , best way to redirect old domain to new domain?

    HI I have a site with 8 years old its domain is a local domain, it's not ranking well, I'm not sure its penalized by google or not, because of it I want to change the domain to brand new and redirect the old one to this new domain the problem is a few years ago I was testing an AMA script in...
  9. Mariildo

    Old domain Yes or No?

    Hi, community! I have decided to pick an old domain for my new site. And I have found one oldy, but I'm not so sure about one thing. Domain is old 14 years, but last seven years wasn't active. So how that affects overall? ty
  10. G

    Old domain VS new domain for SEO

    Hi, Matt Cutts said it does change almost nothing, but it does not always tell the truth :) I have see as everyone old domain is better for rank but its only because the domain have an old profile linking already built ? or old has really an impact ? Thanks !
  11. A

    New Domains and google sandbox

    Hi guys, I'm about to open my activity, it is a recording and videomaking studio. Now, my problem is: Due to the fact that I need to brand my activity, I cannot buy an old domain, I'm forced to take a new one. Because of the new domain, most of my seo efforts will be minimized due to the google...
  12. lafours

    Seriously Aged Domains Avoid the Sandbox and Leapfrog the Competition

    Domain age is one of the most powerful it not one of the most powerful factors affecting the ranking of your site. Domain age is the most powerful factor in "TrustRank" - an algorithm not openly admitted by Google. You'll still need to do other basic SEO but the age of the domain means you can...
  13. D

    Buying old domain: valuable for seo ?

    Hi guys, Do you think buying old domain name is valuable for seo, and do you know where can we buy it and how much does it cost ?
  14. T

    Keeping PR and SERP with New Site Built?

    I'm wondering if there is a way to keep your domains Page Rank and location in the Google search results (within reason) if you take a 6 year old domain name, that has always had the same products listed, and: 1) change hosting provider 2) build a completely new Search Engine Optimized site...
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