1. vsslvn

    TikTok Free Traffic Monetization with Ogads Content Locker (Journey)

    Hi BHW, I've been working with Ogads for a long period of time 7years+, and I have seen success in the past promoting on Youtube with Seo, some times with google ads too. I was making around 100$ to 1k$ per day. The past 2 years I stopped working Since I always wanted to do Ecommerce I wasted...
  2. Norman_drey

    How to scale up ogads profit

    So far I've managed to withdraw $50 from ogads :free traffic How do I scale this for more profit, I need a paid traffic method I have ogads and crackrevenue Account
  3. Norman_drey

    Do ogads allow incentive traffic

    Traffic like paying someone to complete your offer
  4. Norman_drey

    Ogads still approving new accounts?

    I'm finding it hard to get approved on ogads, I've gotten denied over 10 times and I'm still applying with different email, do they Still approve request or I'm just wasting my time?
  5. A

    My journey to make over 8500$ in cpa marketing

    Hi, firsty sorry for my bad English, cause he didn’t my native language. so a little about me, I’m from Morocco I really live in 3rd world country , I have 19 years old I leave school, and now I do cpa, I have made over 8k$ in my journey with cpa YouTube. So what I do: I make my own videos...
  6. N

    CPA Method

    Hey, can anyone that did CPA tell me if my stats are good, I did CPA for 3 days, I put 3 hours of work a day (it wasn't really automated tbh) and I got these stats. So Im not really sure if these stats are good or if they are not so i would love some opinions
  7. Norman_drey

    CPA marketing email blast

    Can I make money with CPA marketing using email blast method I have over 2k list of email address on a particular niche I wanna know if I can be making up to $10 daily on sites like cpagrip, ogads using content locker with this email list
  8. Lucas04

    Making $1000 is not worth for me

    Hello, everyone hope you guys are doing well, I'm doing cpa marketing from last 1.5 years and making $1000 a months I'm attaching payment proofs too. I am writing this thread for help from you guys - I'm getting paid a good amount but I don't want to stuck at one place anymore. All the...
  9. Spectra2000

    is OGads a scam?

    I know from Ogads terms and conditions that payments are paid based on a NET30 system, in the month of August i decided to give OGads a shot and to start working on it, i finished the payment threshold, and they said that i am gonna get paid on the beginning of October which is this month, but i...
  10. Norman_drey

    Ogads leads method

    I tried completing ogads survey and I found out that is very dificult for users to complete task, page keeps redirecting from one tab to another, after everything the survey didn't convert Please how do I get leads because I'm tired of getting tons of link click without lead, I wanna sell the...
  11. FaizanAnsari

    (BlackHat Method) Which CPA Traffic methods are working these days? OGADS and CPAbuild Traffic Method

    Hello Everyone! in 2020 I stopped working in CPA Marketing 4 month ago i started working again Niche: i use Blackhat niches as everyone uses in OGAds and CPAbuild i struggle with the traffic i don't know which traffic methods are working on those days i tried many methods but it's killing me...
  12. Better_call_me

    The current problem with Ogads

    I'm making $200+ every day on US offers. Most users noticed that it only takes a few hours after starting a new day 90% of the US offers gets capped. It is impossible to earn normally all day long. If it weren't like that, I would earn 5x as much. Is there someone here who also makes money...
  13. rajib000

    Handpicked custom content locker

    I want to make newly launched exclusive-hyped movie download site with content locker. Problem- need very very user friendly landing page and handpicked cpa offers from every network, so that everyone can complete the offer easily and get his things (99% conversion, nobody can go with empty...
  14. QWE333

    TikTok + CPA Journey - Let's Make Some EZ Money

    Hello BHW Members, Welcome to my first CPA journey, It's going to be TikTok method to drive traffic + CPA to make some Some about me: I'm 26 years old from tier 3 country, not new into the CPA world. I've been on this forum for almost 10 years but don't have many messages cause I used to just...
  15. med9

    OGads Bad support!

    Guys, by God, it is not possible to deal badly from this company. I brought them all the details, and it is also not useful to reply to messages per day once, for a week, every day, a message wasting time, frankly, cpabuild is better
  16. elnor0

    question about the OGAds file locker

    When I'm setting up the file locker on ogads, it asks me to fill in a URL to redirect the user to. This confuses me since the only way i can think of getting a URL of a file, is by uploading it to google drive and copying the link from there, but I feel like I'm missing something and I'm just...
  17. Bedazzle

    [Journey] $500 per Day with CPA + Youtube

    It's a new month and I want to push myself this month to higher heights. About a month or two ago I completed a Journey to $50 per Day with CPA + Youtube and I've got countless messages to continue the journey to see how far I can go. How does that saying go, ask and you shall receive? Well...
  18. MrSponge

    [METHOD] ✅ How I Made $9,756 in 30 Days With ➡️ YouTube Shorts CPA ⬅️ | A COMPLETE GUIDE [25% OFF BHW DISCOUNT]

    >> BUY WITH CARD << >> BUY WITH CRYPTO << Price: $160 $120 Contact: live:.cid.4fd7f02f3c4e3c27 Disclaimer: Roughly $140 initial investment will be needed to use this method. Refund Policy: As this is a digital product that can't be revoked I will not be offering refunds...
  19. predator1988@

    OGads alternatives

    Can someone suggest me better generator from OGads?
  20. xEssence

    OGAds Help (They denied my application)

    Hello, I tried to apply to OG Ads last night buy they denied my application only two hours after submitting it. Can somebody tell me what I did wrong? I said that traffic sources were Youtube Shorts, Tiktok, Paid Instagram Shoutouts, Discord Servers, Telegram Groups and Reddit Traffic. Thanks...