1. Lord74

    [Journey] From 0 to hero with TikTok + CPA

    Been thinking about this idea for a while and it’s time to stop the laziness and get to work. Welcome to my first CPA journey, even though I don’t have many messages here I am not new to CPA at all and I have been doing CPA since 2016. Who am I: I am 31 years old and live in a small third...
  2. Better_call_me

    My tiktok cpa method with ogads

    Hello. I want to share my method of making money on TikTok with you. Many people dislike tiktok because it's difficult to upload CPA videos without getting an instant ban or shadowban. I've been earning from TikTok on cpa for 2 years and have encountered all the possible problems that...
  3. luiselmayo

    OGads alternative

    Hello, I use OGads to lock content and it’s level above CPAgrip and CPAlead. They have a lot of good offers, especially for the US. I was wondering if other private networks like CPAbuild and Adworkmedia have their own exclusive offers ? Since offers can only be completed 1 time, after couple...
  4. louklonima

    Poll Method cpa

    I'm receiving significant traffic from TikTok, generating approximately 100 clicks. However, I must admit that the conversion rate is currently lower than expected. Nevertheless, I'm here to propose a beneficial exchange. Video explaining full POLL Method VS Niche with great returns and...
  5. luiselmayo

    Linkvertise and Admaven fell off

    The link shortener websites are becoming so shit those times, Linkvertise and Admaven are jokes. Users are accustomed to unlock content by staying passive, it's well known now that they don't actually have to "read an article" "allow notifications" or "download file". They just click on the...
  6. d1aco

    Problem with OGAds AI widget

    Hey, super excited about the new OGAds AI widget as it's basically free customer support for your landing page. Anyway, there is only a small problem with this whole thing. Which is... This. This happens on every locker of mine, any device, any browser I have tried. Yes, I have added a...
  7. info08897

    Problem "fraud detection" in CPA

    Hello I started about a month ago to promote CPA offers (OGADS AND CPABUILD) by getting traffic from forums and SEO. '''niche''' that I'm working on is games It is highly sought after. 95% of the visits come from DEVICE PC And from countries USA and Germany I made $30 from ogads and my account...
  8. E

    How to link to cpa Locker?

    Hi, how do I direct people from my tiktok video to my content locker ogads link without getting banned? Maybe put a domain watermark in video, puttting the link in the video; link in comment, other way? Also I think i can’t direct link them to the content locker maybe send them to a blog with a...

    [DISCUSSION] Learn from my 7000$/day IM Journey mistake!

    Disclaimer I’m not trying to sell you anything or make you click a referral link on this thread. I want just to open a discussion and share with you my story.(If you saw this thread on another forum just ignore it, I’m trying to get many advices/suggestions/ideas as possible). A little...
  10. Erramusk

    Made $198K+ on OGADS Now facing YouTube Ranking Issue 2023

    Hi guys, so I have been into CPA since 2012 but actually started making money from 2017. Till date I have made over $198K+ These earnings are from social media out of which YouTube has been my main source of earning. I could easily rank videos on YouTube till last year but something seems to...
  11. d1aco

    OGAds shaving or my fault?

    Extremely low sample, I know. Last week I was using CPABuild, where I had pretty low traffic but a really good CR I started getting more traffic and working with OGAds but now literally getting no conversions. What do you guys think? Shaving? Should I switch back to CPABuild? Should I keep...
  12. D

    → [How can I spam yt channels?] ←

    Hi, I have some blackhat niche but the videos stay only 3-4 days and make like $5 and then banned. I figured out if I will spam yt channels I can make daily like $40.. How I can spam yt channels? If I create channel lets say within the same ip adress will I be detected? I think yes.. Should I...
  13. arsignupar

    Journey ( 50$ Day ) With Facebook Free Traffic And CPA

    Hey everyone, Straightforward, i discovered a new secret method to drive traffic from FB to CPA Offers. So i decide to start my journey & i will update this thread every time i got new results. What i need : * Old FB Account * Many New FB Accounts * RDP Or VPS * A Bot * Domain or Blogger *...
  14. arsignupar

    OGads Aproval - Moving From CPABuild ! New Adventure

    Hello guys, is her on the forum any Ogads member ca approve my account fast. I need to change current network. I have more than 4 years On CPA. Mainly traffic for mobile offers. Read this to know why i want to move to another CPA network : Cpabuild Stop Treating publishers like Animals.
  15. SeasonedCode

    OGads aproval

    Hello BHW I am wondering how I can get approved in OGads I Have applied multiple times and always got denied can anyone help??
  16. dropthemic

    Ogads decline my application

    I applied 3 times to OgAds and had the same result...Can you help me please with what I could do to be accepted?
  17. Drramu

    Whats the best way to optimize your content locker?

    Hi there! I'm using Ogads content locker. I'm getting alot of clicks but only few people are able to convert the locker. And some of my visitors also complain, that they didn't get anything after completing the offers. Any advice and tips would be appreciated.
  18. fxony

    CPA + YT | Game Publishers Strike My Videos

    Hi there, I wanted to ask, how can I avoid those game publishers to copyright strike my videos about their game? When I go to more details about strike, there are no timestamps that they copyrighted or any reason why It was copyrighted, so I can't actually know what to avoid during recording...
  19. vsslvn

    TikTok Free Traffic Monetization with Ogads Content Locker (Journey)

    Hi BHW, I've been working with Ogads for a long period of time 7years+, and I have seen success in the past promoting on Youtube with Seo, some times with google ads too. I was making around 100$ to 1k$ per day. The past 2 years I stopped working Since I always wanted to do Ecommerce I wasted...
  20. Norman_drey

    How to scale up ogads profit

    So far I've managed to withdraw $50 from ogads :free traffic How do I scale this for more profit, I need a paid traffic method I have ogads and crackrevenue Account
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