1. P

    Low conversion payout for CPI on OGAds

    Hey guys, so I just got back to CPI. I'm using a roblox niche to target Kids (99% of roblox user are kids lol) That's why I am using CPI and not CPA or others, because i think that it is easier for them to just download an app. Now the problem is that my offer payouts are very very low and i...
  2. Stifl

    [JV] My Hosting + Content LockersJ/CPA (OGads) + Landing Pages Needs YOUR Traffic and/or Leads! (Beginner friendly!)

    Hey everyone! I am once again starting with CPA, but currently, I lack the time to generate the traffic by myself. I know many various methods and have also used them before, so even if you are a beginner, I will help/guide you! The earning opportunities are really great (around $7.5 per 10...
  3. vinku

    90 Days Challenge: Youtube, TikTok, Instagram + OGADS

    THE BACKGROUND After 1.5 months of total procrastination, I decided to change something in my life and finally go back to work. On one of the YouTube psychology channels, I found out that it's best to condense your work year into intense 90 days. By setting 90-day goals, we make those goals...
  4. vinku

    [COURSE] How to make money with Youtube and Content Locker - Making Video Proofs, Ranking Videos, Choosing Niche - OGYTCOURSE.COM

    OGYTCOURSE.COM I would like to present a course that describes the topics of creating video proof for CPA, which we upload to the Youtube network. This is one of the methods of earning money, which consists of using YouTube as a traffic generator and content locker for making money. Methods...
  5. dieuetlefer

    OGAds VS CPABuild

    Hello I have a question for OGAds user and CPABuild user. I'm using CPABuild and It's really cool but OGAds denied my account so I just want to know if OGAds is more interresting. Maybe offer are better in OGAds ? Thanks you
  6. Erramusk

    Made $9,738.85 in 30 days with 1,73,619 clicks :)

    Hello Guys im Eran. In last month I made $9,738.85 from 1,73,619 clicks. I make money from ogads and I use game hack generator (like Minecraft) and premium app login generator niche (like Spotify). I get 60% traffic from google and 40% from YouTube. Now i want to make more money from this...
  7. kumart30

    My First Earning on CPAbuild

    Thankyou Blackhatworld, I have been working on cpa marketing from past 2 years and got good success with it. I have worked wih ogads and cpagrip but last week i tried cpabuild and made 30$ :) . Cpa marketing is still working guys
  8. raqib4you

    I am Raqibul Mia - Working As a CPA and Digital Marketing Specialist

    Hi, I’m Raqibul Mia. Nice to e-meet you! I started reading Post from Blackhatworld in 2015 but Create an account Recently So, I am New at Blackhatworld, No. I am working with Content Locking Cpa Currently I am working with Cpabuild and OGADS. In the future Hope, I will share a case study and CPA...
  9. N

    My Story

    Hi all. I started doing CPA marketing back in 2015. Me and a friend got involved in it unintentionally, after one of our Instagram accounts exploded, at that time we didn't know how to monetise - or what that meant. We proceeded to craft a method which made a few thousand/day/week, whatever we...
  10. djsobuj

    Anyone doing well with desktop/pc/laptop traffic on ogads?

    Is it possible to get good CVR/EPC from ogads by desktop/pc/laptop :D traffic? I know ogads is mainly for mobile traffic. anyone doing it?
  11. C

    CPABUILD scammers?? or poor tracking system??

    with high quality targeted traffic, i get law conversation rate with very low payout. do you have any good alternative please? i tried to apply to Ogads but their AM didnt respond me at all.
  12. salamandras

    cpa movie experiment ! what do you think?

    I don't know what to do or what to try anymore, my site has 10k unique visitors per day, only Italian traffic coming from google adcenter mediahub cpabuild ogads bemod I don't know what to try anymore, is it possible that my domain is banned from these cpa networks?
  13. htoolas

    Ogads or cpabuild?

    Hi, I registered an account on both sites, but I don't know which is the best By working with content lock, ogads has a good CPI offers and cpabuild has good pin submit offers. What you suggested? If you worked on them before.
  14. hazzi

    Anyone doing YouTube + game hacks

    Anyone here still doing YouTube and game hacks ?
  15. M

    Can not put my locker link in Java Script Template

    hello, i got some template based on java code . but I can not put the content locker code in exact place. is there anyone who can help me to find the line or tell me where should I put the link ? thanks in advance
  16. MoneyJocker99

    [ JOURNEY ] to 500$ per month with Ogads & parasite websites

    Hello , This is my first journey after being a Jr VIP and being on BHW more than 2 Years now . The goal of this journey is to rank Google using many parasite website and using Ogads for monetization , this is my first time because i was a dropshipper on ebay and shopify . Currently i'm...
  17. hazzi

    Facebook ads and OGAds

    Looking to get into Facebook ads and content locking. Has anyone tried it? And any tips.
  18. Misan

    Help me to Get Approval from CPAs??

    Can anyone help me to get approval from Ogads or else CPABuild I tried Ogads but they don't accept noobs and tried CPABuild as well, they Dumb Declined without asking anything twice:confused: please suggest a Good Content locking service that allows noob?
  19. D

    {Help} Fb Ads + Ogads or Cpabuild

    I recently got access of 30+ Facebook account with threshold of $2, $10 & $25 I used to see in Ogads and CPABuild Chat where people make 1K + and they would say their traffic source is FB Ads Did test with another network that provides direct linking to offer (Bluemoonmedia) My result was...
  20. jonhyt

    I am a beginner at Ogads, these are my earnings, any advice to improve the results

    I am a beginner at Ogads, this is my earnings, any advice to improve the results, I started working on Instagram, is there a source for free traffic.