ogads journey

  1. Bedazzle

    [Journey] $500 per Day with CPA + Youtube

    It's a new month and I want to push myself this month to higher heights. About a month or two ago I completed a Journey to $50 per Day with CPA + Youtube and I've got countless messages to continue the journey to see how far I can go. How does that saying go, ask and you shall receive? Well...
  2. J

    [JOURNEY TO $50/DAY] Is OGAds and Instagram saturated? Let's find out!

    Hi everyone! I'm new to BlackHatWorld so please let me know if I'm doing something wrong :) So, I read a lot of threads and journeys about Instagram and OGAds and stumbled across a lot of members saying that this method to create passive income is saturated. As I have a background in...
  3. Lord surh

    Am a Nigerian but not a prince; maybe i'd be an IM King one day!

    Hi blackhatworld, Joined this forum 3 weeks ago, and i was way way impressed with the number of valuable information that is passed around. What i have learnt in IM in the last 3 weeks has been more than i have learnt across the internet in the last 2years. My ultimate goal is to learn...
  4. M

    Ogads help please

    hi everyone the probem is that I am using weebly with 2 IG accs and I receive emails from weebly but when I login to ogads I see 6 click the first day: 10$ 2nd day: 1.25$ 3rd day : 0.26$ today: 000 please help:(:(
  5. M

    I hate Ogads

    hi guys I am using 2 IG accs 2500 followers and am using weebly with content locker. So when someone regester I receive an email The problem is I receive a lot of emails and the followers contact me with screenshoot that they download the apps but when I login to ogads I see 6 click what is...
  6. Cheat

    17 Year Old's Journey To $XXX A Day Through Instagram!

    Hello BHW! :) I have been a long time lurker but have finally decided to post my own journey. Now I have already started this journey over a week ago so I could get all of the boring stuff out of the way and see if this method was really something I could commit to. I didn't want to write a...
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