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Am a Nigerian but not a prince; maybe i'd be an IM King one day!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Lord surh, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Lord surh

    Lord surh Junior Member

    Jun 15, 2017
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    Hi blackhatworld,

    Joined this forum 3 weeks ago, and i was way way impressed with the number of valuable information that is passed around. What i have learnt in IM in the last 3 weeks has been more than i have learnt across the internet in the last 2years.

    My ultimate goal is to learn, learn, learn! I also want to earn too but it isn't my topmost priority. I believe with great knowledge comes great income not with great income comes great knowledge.

    Before joining Blackhatworld, i started off with social media growth hacking and learnt some few valuable growth hacking techniques on Twitter and Instagram ( couldn't crack Facebook growth hacking) I created an Instagram account in Fashion niche in February and was able to grow it to 27k (using an Imacros script) achieving around 30-40% followback rate (Gaining around 200-400 followers daily).

    Now am more determined to start other accounts and grow them too (But i need to be very careful, i run 3-4 accounts across my PC and device). Have been able to read alot in the last three weeks on proxies, Non-PVA accounts, Followliker, Massplaner (closed now i heard).
    I would really love to try out Followliker and am gunning for the one that allows you to manage unlimited accounts ($98, have around $100 - $120 budget to kick off) but then again have also read alot about Instagram fighting bots and closing them down (Massplanner, Instagress), now i don't want to invest a lot on Followliker and weeks later it gets banned.

    I tried selling shoutouts on shoutcart( maybe it can help) but my account was rejected (don't know why).

    Then i was also thinking of getting Followerliker for 5 accounts which cost $78. Then also i need to proxies, VPS, Non-PVA Accounts according to the little have gathered in the last three weeks. ( Was able to create 40 new instagram accounts with a free tool i got here, i used 40 of my domain's email, but am yet to verfiy them all as i would be doing so from the same device and can raise a red flag.)

    Now am stucked!

    How can i verfiy all the 40 accounts each without raising suspicions on the accounts?
    How can long will it take before Followliker joins the bus of banned bots?
    If Followliker is banned, would we get a refund?
    What is the best possible way to spend $100 - $120 in achieving my Instagram marketing goal.

    Note: I also registered for OgAds too and my account was approved.